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3. Race plan

Time schedule

Aim is to finish at 16–17 hours.

Race day:

  • 03:30 Wake up!
  • 04:00 Breakfast / coffee (bring some additional food to the start area). Note: remember to also take the normal vitamins and minerals.
  • 04:20 Dress up. Remember to tape up scratch at right collar bone
  • 04:30 Check out from hotel and leave for Race HQ (2.2 km from hotel to Race HQ). Taxi?
  • 05:00 pick up race bib from Race HQ
  • 05:00 Deliver drop bags (2 + 1 for finish)
  • 05:30 Drop bags (latest deadline)
  • 05:30 Go to start area
  • 06:00 Race start



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