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Chill & Shill: Varda NFT AMA Recap

Hello NEAR,

Hope you’re keeping your spirits up despite the bear. Regardless of bear or bull, Wax Chill & Shill is going strong. One of the latest projects featured was Varda NFT.

You can listen to the recording here, or read the recap with the most important things covered.

During the AMA, Jeelt spoke for Varda.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Jeelt: Sure. Everyone knows me as Jeelt, even though my name is Laura. I’m an artist and also a coder. I’ve been part of many of Pagoda’s spaces that help coders like me. Before being a developer, however, I’m an artist. I’ve created on Ethereum for a while and came into NEAR when mintbase launched. So that was two years ago. I’m also part of the council of the human guild dao where we fund game projects on NEAR.

So today we’re here to speak about Varda, are you the founder?

Jeelt: Yes I am. It’s basically a video game, but I divided it into three little projects to ensure its longevity. For example, the video game checks for ownership of NFTs. It was built on two ideas: ownership and unlockable of content. There’s also a DeFi tool that will provide added bonus for NFT owners to earn from the game.

You can learn more about Varda on the website or go to Nestercity and play the game. It’s a very casual, easy game. However, today, I’d like to focus on the aspects we’re building for artists, specifically unlockable content. This service is already used by Nestercity.

Can you share more about that service?

The service is called unlockable content. It’s both a website and an API others can use on their own website. For example, Nestercity connects its metaverse spaces to the NFTs using our service. So the service is basically a vault. You log into vault.varda.vision, and if there is any unlockable content for your NFTs you can click it and see.

As an artist, you can mint using mintbase or paras, and then you can see your NFTs and add unlockable content to them. So users can unlock, and artists can add.

The game is basically like fruitninja, really easy..

Yes, so we use symbols that are tribal ruins from Iceland. The symbols were used to protect warriors in war. The idea was to make enemies fear them. And Varda is the name of a goddess that guards and protects people.

At the end of the game, there is an NFT button, and once we publish our DeFi tool you will be able to mint your symbol after the game. Then you can add a little description of how you want to be protected during your day, basically minting a protection strategy.

I see various collections on your website.

Only one of them is on sale, the wild pinups

Are you the artist for this collection?

Yes, we are two artists for this collection. One of them is derek, she’s a very talented young Ukrainian artist doing the coloring, and I’ve done the sketches.

Is this the first NFT collection you launch on your platform?

Yes, it is.

Can you share more about the collection?

The idea of the collection is to give some of the royalties, forever royalties to the Unchained DAO. It’s a DAO helping Ukraine, and the marketplace came out right after the war, so we wanted to help.

I think NEAR is the 2nd biggest community that contributed to NEAR, so we wanted to create a way to sustain that.

How did you get the inspiration for this collection?

Well, in the art academy I was doing a lot of erotic paintings and also pop art. The artist I work with she is very good at portraying women, so we decided to do wild pinups because we wanted to give the funds to a wild animal charity.

That’s how we came up with the idea of combining a pinup and a wild animal.

What collection will be part of the game?

It will be the NFTs minted by users with their descriptions. This will be the only part of the marketplace open to anyone; you’ll only mint through the game.

The third collection will be for a metaverse, but that’s still in stealth mode.

Is that called Elven Land?

It is. We’re working with top artists for it, and the first plot will be done in the style of what’s shown on our website. The first plots will be done with voxels art.

Will the Varda marketplace be open to other collections?

So we’re collaborating with artists who want to add unlockable content to their NFTs. When an artist has an idea for such a collection, they can reach out to us through our form.

Any recommendations from your side for artists that are considering to develop?

Code is very creative. If you see it as a creative thing, then that’s where the magic happens. Devs often need creative ways to approach things to build good software. And as a creator with an understanding of code, you can do a lot, become powerful, and do beautiful stuff.

Why did you build on NEAR?
I came into this because of Mintbase. I was part of an Ethereum artist community, and that’s where I came across it. I think NEAR is very efficient tech, and the best aspect of it is probably the concept of the account. It’s very cool from a cryptography standpoint, but also being able to call myself Jeelt on NEAR.

Check out Varda’s website, and follow Jeeltcraft for all the latest updates on their development.



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