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R3alifestyle AMA Recap

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining the Chill & Shill space with R3ealifestyle the other week. You can listen to the recording here. During the space, we had Brandon and Elija on stage.

Can you share some more about yourself?

Brandon: I’ve been in the R3alifestyle community since its inception point, so I can speak to it from personal experience. It’s a community that is seeking to unlock the closed mind and create harmony through mental capital and relationship capital.

We have a community space that keeps the right people in the space. We hold masterminds there and connect the dots in worlds we interface with. The community is open to the public; anyone can tap into the ecosystem and get connected. You don't know what you don’t know, and we seek to make sure that people can connect and learn. It’s about staying together, building together, and changing the world.

You have different branches of the ecosystem, such as Real Health and Real Wealth. Can you talk more about these?

Brandon: Real health is about getting back to first principles. Bringing up taboo concepts such as holistic healing and fasting. Proper food pairing, when to eat, and why. Within the community, we have some courses on Real Health, such as staying in alignment with the circadian rhythm. There are a lot of things humans have forgotten about.

Real wealth is all about creating generational wealth, sustaining it, and protecting it. As a lot of us are entrepreneurs, there are certain ways we’re taught to use our money. But there are many nuances to using money, so real wealth raises awareness and financial IQ.

For example, we should all have life insurance cause we will all die and someone will be hit by that.

So how does Realifestyle help international people?

Brandon: Well, we’re international and not localized to just one country. We have a lot of resources to offer. We have many people who can support you, and regardless of what your problem might be, I’m confident we have someone that can help you in our community.

How has Realifestyle helped you?

Brandon: It has literally changed my life. Before I met Elija, I was mentally ill, was suicidal, and didn’t have much hope. Now I’m a lot happier, healthy, and in a much better place. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s been the best ecosystem I’ve touched to develop as an entrepreneur. There are so many things you are not taught when you go through the school system, which is crucial to your well-being.

Why does Realifestyle exist, and what’s its value?

Elija: We are creating an interoperable ecosystem, creating a new way for people to connect. We want to help open closed minds. That means becoming educational stewards around all the information that allows freedom to exist from locations, real estate, and assets. Zero to one, we teach people how to make anywhere from $5–10k per month. Then we teach them how to invest, and alongside that, we teach about health, wealth, relationships, and building healthy habits.

We teach the entire roadmap. We’re bringing together fundamentals of life and existence, and it’s all intentional to make sure we hit the three points that matter the most in your life. It’s about community, values, and sharing the tools of how we do it.

Once you’re familiar with the community, you get access to all the opportunities within our network. We target the problem that society does not teach us how to succeed as humans.

There are a few books we make sure everyone reads. So one of them is the 5th agreement and self-mastery. Then there is the anatomy of the spirit, the world’s greatest salesman, and letting go by David R Hawkins.

We get into spirituality as pretty much the basis of life. How you experience it is individual.

Follow R3alyfestyle on Twitter for more.



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