#4: What Twitter Can Learn from Overwatch

Jon Bell
Jon Bell
Dec 12, 2018 · 21 min read

Twitter’s Core Design Pattern Is Why It Struggles With Abuse

The Core Design Pattern in Online Gaming

Some Common Problems in Online Gaming

Understanding Overwatch Abuse

Overwatch Endorsements

If Twitter Had Endorsements

Protecting Against Sockpuppets

The Naive Wing of the Techno-Libertarian Bullshit Party

Educating Users About Tweet Health

A Richer Profile Page

Look For the Helpers; Start By Defining the Role

Using Private Profiles As Another Helpful Signal

Per Capita Scoring

Improved Search

Hoaxes and Disinformation

Not All Content Is Equally Important

The Fear of Becoming “Arbiters of Truth”

Purposeful Time Delays

Who Decides the Truth?


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