Creators’ Bizarre Adventure

Naomi Oba
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Sometimes people refer to me as a creator. I don't really identify as such, I'm more of a writer, but it made me think, and whenever that happens, it's best to tap into others' insights.

So, my next space will be all about the creator economy and web3. Set your reminders here for February 6th at 16:00 UTC to start the right way into the new week — with lots of amazing speakers and me.


  • Melissa (Chum Chum NFT)
  • JBurn (Artist)
  • Carolin (Mintbase)
  • Jessica (Mintstar)
  • Ramz (Astar Network)

As usual, we have a rough agenda and always time for questions. So don't hold back. We’ll be covering the creator economy in general, its challenges, and what web3 can bring to the space.

Thanks to Shitzu for kindly sponsoring the spaces (Disclosure I have some Shitzu in my wallet) and providing $NEAR for those asking great questions. They’re a fun memecoin community on Aurora — an L2 on NEAR.

In case you wonder what the title comes from, it’s inspired by Jojo’s bizarre adventure — definitely worth a watch, and considering how bizarre crypto, in general, is, it seemed fitting.

See you soon!




Naomi Oba
NEAR is nao

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