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Naomi Oba
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Hey everyone,

Time for the next multichain space. Since there's always a lot happening in different ecosystems, I'll be making this space a monthly recurring one featuring some familiar and some new faces.

The next Multichain space is going live on February 23rd at 16:00 UTC. Save the date

This time I’ll be joined by my co-host Ramz and on-stage:

  • Caroline (CEO of Lifetise)
  • Mike (Creator of the NEAR crossword app and builder on Cosmos and NEAR)
  • Hoon (CTO of Astar Network and certified Weeb)
  • Sheldon (Advisor to 7! projects and part of Octopus)

As usual, shoutout also to the Shitzu community for kindly sponsoring some prizes for people asking great questions. You should ask questions regardless of financial incentives btw. 😏

On the agenda this time, we’ll cover what’s happening in the ecosystems our speakers are building on and their thoughts on public goods funding and the sustainability of maintaining open source.

It’ll be a fun one, so tune in and join our discussion! And did I mention there will be a free POAP?

See you soon,


Just in case, obviously, none of the discussed will be financial advice.



Naomi Oba
NEAR is nao

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