Multichain Kaisen II

Naomi Oba
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After taking a bit of a holiday break and hanging out with my family and frens, listening with horror to them talking about sbf, I’m back hosting spaces ✨

On Thursday 19th, at 4pm UTC we’re going live for the 2nd iteration of the multichain kaisen space. Obviously inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen — as any of the spaces I host.

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Similarly to Nanami’s cursed technique that no one really understands, figuring out how all the blockchain ecosystems work, and can work together is a bit complex. That’s why I’ve invited fantastic speakers from different blockchains to join me (again) and share their insights.


  • Ramz and Hoon from Astar Network
  • Guillermo from NEAR/Pagoda
  • Sheldon from Octopus Network
  • Chase from

And you. Feel free to request to speak whenever you want to join the discussions or have a question for anyone on stage.

We’ll discuss a few things from the ecosystems on the space to going multichain and their bold predictions for 2023.

This space is kindly sponsored by Shitzu, a memecoin on Aurora (an EVM layer on NEAR) which means if you ask good questions you might be rewarded with some tokens plus the insights you gain 🏆

Check them out here.

I’d like to think that all of the speakers I invite and the projects they represent are really solid and worth following. But of course there is no such thing as financial advice on my spaces. DYOR and all that jazz.

See you soon!




Naomi Oba
NEAR is nao

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