‘Near Missive’ — Welcome & Mission Statement

Welcome to the official Medium Collection for the Near Missive writers’ collective. As an inclusive group, we aim to provide a new, sustainable and meaningful resource and community for new writers, across any genre, background age and experience.

Too long have young writers been bereft of a proper community or proper induction to the industry — we’ve been exploited through internships, burgeoning but underpaid web-enterprise and our craft has all too-often become overlooked in favour of flippant tweets and internet humour. Near Missive exists in large part as a way to circumvent the entrenched problems and illuminate the shadows and murk of self-doubt and elitism.

We want this group to be open, welcoming and transparent. We also want to encourage a commuity of commentors and contributors who are on an equal footing with one another. For this to work we ask that people submit some work (however small) to the group before offering any critique or feedback on the work of others. We hope this will promote trust, respect, and a constant flow of work and input.

And eventually we want Near Missive to be a small press. A haven for writers who are serious — but not necessarily consigned to writing for a living — those for whom the written word transmits health, happiness and holism regardless — or indeed despite — of whether they’re paid to do.

Near Missive is also a community of like-minded people, in the sense we’re alike in celebrating diversity, difference and diligence.