Why Near? Why Become A Part Of This Hackathon?

Calling out all the open web creators and communities! Assemble; it’s your time to shine. Free your calendars from May 14- June 6. Yes, you heard it right. The most awaited and unique hackathon coordinated by the NEAR community for all open web creators & communities is here, be a part of this event and share the legacy. More than 25,000 NEAR is available in sputnik DAOs, governed by the council of hacker partners, including Dystopia Labs, Gitcoin, SeedClub, Metagov, and Createbase NEAR Forum and Discord.

The Metagov SputnikDAO 27 has also been created in order to support governance experimentation within the Web3 community and specifically throughout the NEAR ecosystem. Over the course of the challenge, community members will be invited to submit project proposals to the DAO. These project proposals, if successfully passed, will allow participants to earn NEAR tokens for solving problems within the creative Web3 space. The “Creatives” category on the forum has opportunities to get involved with new Createbase DAOs for VR, Music, Generative Art, Gaming, and more!

Our Open Web Creators and Communities and Hackathon has several superpowers for all the new Devs and for the new creatives let us learn about some of these amazing superpowers:

For New Devs

  1. The Rainbow Bridge

Utilizing the Rainbow Bridge today, designers can use Ethereum resources on NEAR and NEAR resources on Ethereum. Soon, they will want to get to any applicable state from one of the other chains, and in the end, any chain. Clients connecting fungible tokens to NEAR can exploit NEAR’s one-to-two second exchange times, low exchange expenses as a rule under one penny, and similarly standard scaffold move charges.

Development across the decentralized account (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) spaces have expanded interest in the Ethereum organization and heightened exchange charges to record-significant levels. The Rainbow Bridge permits clients to consistently move resources for NEAR’s designer amicable and minimal expense stage, going around high gas charges without settling on speed.

2. Paras Faucet

Current Ethereum clients without a NEAR record can undoubtedly locally available to NEAR utilizing the NEAR Faucet for Ethereum clients, facilitated by Paras, and MetaMask. Essentially by signing into MetaMask and demonstrating that their record has an equilibrium higher than 0.05 ETH, anybody can guarantee a NEAR record and begin utilizing the Rainbow Bridge immediately.

3. Aurora Launch

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine made by the heavenly group at the NEAR Protocol, conveying a turn-key answer for engineers to work their applications on an Ethereum-viable, high-throughput, versatile and future-safe stage, with low exchange costs for their clients.

The Aurora climate comprises the Aurora Engine, a superior EVM — Ethereum Virtual Machine — and the Aurora Bridge, working with the trustless exchange of ETH and ERC20 tokens among Ethereum and Aurora, inside an incredible client experience.

Aurora exists and will be worked as an autonomous, self-financed drive, yet will keep on utilizing the common group DNA and consistently developing innovation of the NEAR Protocol.

The administration of Aurora will take a crossbreed type of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — the AuroraDAO — praised by a conventional substance that will hold one of a few seats in the AuroraDAO.

4. Account system at near is a powerful difference

All the contracts in the near ecosystem are smart contracts. The accounts are completely human-readable. The accounts have multiple access keys so your account is safe at all given times. And one of the best features which make NEAR account system stand out from all its competition is the low transaction fees.

For New Creatives

  1. NEAR Blockchain is Climate Neutral

The NEAR blockchain is completely climate-neutral, so no more getting harassed for destroying the climate. Come and test things out and you won’t be destroying the planet. The NEAR Protocol, launched in 2020, is a third-generation blockchain based on PoS, processes 1,000 transactions per second while running much more efficiently than PoW chains. This throughput will increase further with sharding, a blockchain scaling technology that divides computation across parallel “shards.”

Developers find it easy to build on NEAR, and the toolset of the blockchain is growing very fast. Beyond just energy efficiency with PoS consensus, the NEAR Foundation has committed to making NEAR Protocol climate neutral this year. In February 2021, NEAR Protocol engaged South Pole, a leading project developer and global climate solutions provider headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, to assess NEAR’s carbon footprint, reduce it where possible, and fully compensate the remaining exhaust with CO2 offsetting projects going forward.

2. A Playbook On How to Start Your Own Guild

The members are launching a complete playbook on how to start your own guild. This exclusive playbook will be launched during the hackathon itself, we know you are also as excited as we are stay tuned and don’t miss out on the launch.

We have a createbase DAO Proposal Submission. This DAO’s purpose is to empower creative communities within the NEAR ecosystem by rewarding positive contributions and helping to grow a network of meaningful projects within the NEAR ecosystem. Payout proposals to the Createbase SputnikDAO 12 should be submitted by members of the NEAR community who would like to receive funding in order to support the community.

Hope to see you there and showcase your great talents and earn NEAR. Register your proposal here: https://createbase.community/hackathon/

Follow NEAR Protocol on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearprotocol

NEAR Forum: https://gov.near.org/

YouTube: https://bit.ly/2RrA5Gr



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