Hilarious Online Dating Stories from Anonymous Neargroup Users

The Bookworm

I once came across this 24 year old guy who only talked about books! When I asked him about his hobbies or what kind of movies or music he liked, even then he said he liked books which spoke about music and movies; otherwise he never listened to music or watched any movies. Ultimately I ran out of book titles to talk about with him so I said okay bye and ended it there!

She Loved Gifts!

After many rejections, fortunately I managed to find a girl who loved spending time with me on chat. After a short while, we thought we understood each other. And, finally I got added on Facebook with late night chats. But, just in a couple of weeks I had to pretend to sleep early whenever she promised me a surprise at night. Cause her silly surprises always ended up me promising her an expensive gift in return!

Honestly Dishonest

A girl that I was chatting with revealed that she was a runaway bride as she was forced into marriage when all she wanted to do was have fun. She had eloped an hour before the ceremony. I wasn’t judgmental and enjoyed talking to her as she was always brimming with joy and was a positive chat companion. She later told me that she had developed romantic feelings for me and would like to know me better to consider marriage. While I liked her too, I was just insecure about her commitment and gave up the chat association. I still have second thoughts about that decision sometimes, but then I can’t trace her anymore, not that I am sure that I want to.

When Sylvester caused Second Thoughts

I had just begun using this new chat app called Neargroup, and somehow I got the person who was about to be most important for me. So, we met 2 months ago, through this app, we came closer, and got into a relationship. The two months felt like a beautiful roller coaster ride, where I always had his hand in mine, no matter what I was going through. We decided to get ourselves a pet (we got a cat, coz, of course, I insisted

But since the day we got ourselves, Sylvester (I am crazy about Looney Tunes), I started having second thoughts. I am not able to understand why, and I am constantly picking up flaws in him (I loved these same flaws a few days back). Why am I feeling like this? Is this normal?

Not the first time

There was this one guy I came across on Neargroup who I really liked. He wasn’t only good looking and humble but he was even rich! How I knew he’s rich is because he stayed in Corinthian Gardens at Quezon City. And that name itself drips rich. However, the one thing that bugged me about the guy was that he kept asking me about my past. Like how many boyfriends I had, how far I went with them physically and all. I sensed it that it might bother him if I told him about my past. So I simply told him that I never went out with anyone or dated anyone. In due course I did tell him about everything and it did turn that he didn’t like it. However he got around it and now accepts it without problem. Its now been over 6 months that we have been dating.

The Mom type

I was talking to a girl from Manila. Everything was going great and interesting. But she had a habit of telling what is wrong and right all the time, just like mom does. How it feels that you get another copy of your mom and what you are left with are just good & bads & how. It’s good to be caring, but not a mom!