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Now that you have been shown a path to opportunities online, you may wonder, where do I start? Sure there are different ways to earn income online. You can teach English as a second language to non-English speakers in Asian countries. Japan, South Korea, and China are the main countries that value the English language. Many Filipinos develop a career out of teaching English online. It’s an age-old way of earning online.

Then there is the virtual assistance gig. Business owners in Western countries, particularly in the United States need to outsource their repetitive tasks offshore. The business owners do this so that they can focus on the more impactful aspects of their operations, such as business development or marketing. They typically outsource the administrative and secretarial tasks to other countries such as India and the Philippines.

There are BPO, business process outsourcing companies offering these kinds of services, hiring virtual assistants in their local area and offer them to their US clients. The fact that this model exists implies that you can target the small to medium business enterprises to pitch your services.

Then there is the social media management gig. Have you noticed that I did not inclued a super technical skill such as programming or cybersecurity services? Well this is because it may require more time for one to be able to be proficient enough to apply for such a job. Only the lowest hanging fruit type of skillset are included, since these can be easy to get certified with.

Now going back to social media management. With just a little training in photo editing or content writing, one will be able to be of value to an employer or business partner in no time. As you know, having a social media presence is already part of the game in the online world. And what business owner is he who has the time and the bandwidth to handle his own social media platforms? Virtually none. No pun intended there.

These are just some of the many ways to start earning online. There are even games that lets you earn if you are good enough. The gaming culture seems to have created its own economy. The internet truly is a game changer. No pun intended again. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, it’s like the field has been leveled. You may not even need a computer at all. A smart phone will do. Moreover, even without an Internet connection one can already participate in the gig economy.

Then there is blockchain, the paradigm shift in how we interact with one another around the world. Blockchain has made it possible for the internet not only to have an exchange of information, but also exchange of value, that is virtual currency and noncurrency tokens, such as NFTs. If you have not heard of NFT, you may want to look it up online for you to have a conceptual idea what it is. In a nutshell, NFTs are digital arts sold online. While the definition escapes the true essence of NFT, it gave a specific use case, digital art. Can you believe that the highest paid NFT has been bought in the upwards of sixty million US Dollars? Yes you heard it right. More than 60,000 million dollars. Crazy eh?

Then there is NEARCrowd. Filipinos are earning more than what they earn from their day job. If you want to know the mechanics and what it essentially is, check this link on Medium from one of our writers: check out what NEAR Crowd essentially is.

By completing small tasks, people can earn in crypto, liquidate it on Decentralized Exchanges or DEX and treat it as though it was their own actual income generated online. Here are some of what some of the NEARCrowders have said as benefits from doing small tasks: “For the first time, I paid the bills for our electricity this month.” -KD ‘Before NEARCrowd, my income was limited; but with this opportunity, I have been able to pay for gas and groceries for two months now. It’s such a big financial help.’ -DD

This article can shed light on what NEARCrowd essentially is: Now you can follow us and subscribe to our channels and platforms. Our Telegram community on NEAR Crowd will be able to answer your concerns. They people there are pretty helpful. Here is our Telegram group:

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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