Blockchain of Thoughts Part 1

How would you describe your 2021? Good, bad, ugly, better, best? 2021 is different for different people. It may seem easy to play the victim mentality. How? Well you play the blame game. You blame the weather; oh it’s raining outside. You blame the government; oh, the “ayuda” (government financial aid) is not enough! It’s delayed. You blame the economy; Oh no! unemployment is skyrocketing! You blame the cat on the road; in fact you even “kick the cat” on the road.

You might as well be participating in the blame game contest. You could garner several gold medal awards in it. Or you could parody The Bangle’s song “Eternal Flame” and make it into “Eternal Blame,” perpetual blaming. Yes when we are in the blame game mindset, we tend to get stuck in that mental loop, that mental chain. That CHAIN of thoughts that lead us into a vicious cycle of negativity. That chain of thoughts can become indelibly etched into your neural pathways, becoming a bad mental habit.

It’s pretty much like blockchain, or in this case, a blockchain of thoughts. Once a block is finalized, it is immutable, permanent. And one block is connected to another block via a chain, reinforcing one block after another; you know the drill. In our mental chain of thoughts, if we are not careful, our blockchain of thoughts can become our mental pattern, indelibly etched into our subconscious, for better or for worse.

What’s my alternative?

How about another route. Instead of subjecting ourselves to our negative chain of thoughts, why don’t we grab the reins of our proverbial chariot, take full responsibility for the outcome of our lives, roll up our sleeves, and recalibrate our goals? How’s that for an alternative? Now that sounds empowering, doesn’t it? It does sound empowering; no, wait; it doesn’t just “sound” empowering. In fact, it certainly “IS” empowering.

We take ownership of our lives. Sure there are variables beyond our control, but it’s determining the response to the events that can make us empowered. Jocko Willink, a former navy seal officer and bestselling author calls this extreme ownership. Moreover, we not only take responsibility, we can even choose to become more powerful and stronger BECAUSE of the perceived unfortunate event, such as this pandemic crisis. This concept is called “antifragile” by author Nassim Taleb. Check out their books for reference. They are amazing concepts to empower ourselves with.

“Now what? Yes, I want to take full responsibility for my life. Where do I start? What’s the lowest-hanging fruit? It seems overwhelming to consider all my options. Is it even worth it to try at all?” Well, first thing is education. There is a saying that knowledge is power. Arm yourself with knowledge. Consider your options. We live in an information age. The fact that you are reading this blog implies that you have the infrastructure to educate yourself.

How do I go about educating myself?

It can be overwhelming to consider all the possibilities out there to get your act together. But for the sake of simplicity in this content, let us consider 3 areas of our lives that we need to straighten up, so to speak. They are: health, skill, and finances. These three pillars are like the trifecta of blockchain (decentralization, security, scalability). You can’t discount one over the other two.

For instance, if you have good health but have no skill to earn, then you cannot take care of your finances. If you have income from your skill but have poor health and no financial plan, you might drain your cash from medical bills. Lastly, if you have a measure of financial plan but have no income to reach that plan, you might just stress yourself down and compromise your health. Do you see the importance of these three?

How do I approach this health matter?

Health is wealth. There is an ancient Jewish proverb with states: a live dog is better than a dead lion. Think about it. If you don’t have a measure of health, no matter how much you have in the bank, they will all be pointless. That’s how important health is. You must inculcate this into your mind, like a finalized block in a blockchain such as NEAR Protocol’s. A lot of people these days are overworked. They don’t have the balance of looking after their physical health. It’s not sustainable. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Look at what Forest Protocol is doing. They are innovating technology in a sustainable way. They don’t have gas fees; only “grass” fees. Take it with a grain of salt.

Pillars: Consider what some weird guy, in Southeast Asia, who likes to behave pseudonymously in the cryptoverse have coined: REDS. It’s an acronym which means: rest, exercise, diet, stress management. Now this is not a health workshop, but we try to give you some simple tricks for you to implement right away. We all know that fitness and health is a complex topic. Each one is different; nutrition and diet is debatable, and there are many forms of physical exercises.

However, complex as they may, we can all agree that some moderate approach can pay big dividends in the long run. Pretty much like investing in Metapool if you are a NEAR token holder. Check them out here. We need to pay our dues, as it were, for us to reap the rewards with a long term in view, whether in health and fitness or in harvesting the returns from liquid staking with Metapool. We shall talk about Metapool in this series.

The importance of rest and recuperation. If you are not working in the evening, make sure that you hit the sack early. This can give your body a chance to recover. Do not underestimate the power of sleep. How can you handle your day job if you are groggy from the lack of rest the night before? Do you see how that can affect your performance? You might even get laid off from not performing at your optimum capacity. Cancel that Netflix subscription. Say good by to Captain Ree and Yoon Seri for now. (to all those Koreaboos). Sleep early for recovery. Period.

Next exercise. There is a saying: in the modern world, we are overstimulated mentally but under stimulated bodily. You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership to be able to do your exercise. You can take a walk, or jog in place. Do you like to dance? You can even shadow your favorite bias among the BTS members and follow along on their mirrored moves on Youtube. Boy with Luv, Annyong haseyo.

This is where the connection comes in. If we do not exercise, that reserved unreleased energy may not permit us to release the melatonin transmitters that promotes sleepiness. But if you have a measure of exercise early in the day, you can increase the odds of being able to fall asleep easily. I wish that Layer 1 developers developed a consensus mechanism based on people working out. That way, we elevate the world’s health through, not proof of work, but proof of workout.

This series will holistically educate you to bootstrap yourself from this pandemic. This way you, fellow Filipinos, not only survive but even thrive in this exciting times we are living in. NEAR Protocol is already gaining its traction in the crypto world. If you want to join us in this journey, stick around.

We shall see you in the next article.



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