A commoner is defined as an ordinary person without a rank or title. But a commoNEAR is a person, in this case a regular Filipino, who has integrated NEAR Protocol into his life, both privately and professionally. In the NEAR future, more and more Filipinos are going to open NEAR wallets, exchange NFTs with people around the world, and transact with one another in NEAR.

A commoNEAR is a sophisticated Filipino who knows how to invest in different vehicles on NEAR Protocol. His education comes from NEAR Protocol Philippines and other resources within the NEAR ecosystem. He or she is updated on when the next Card4card event on Paras is. Moreover, whenever there is a new app deployed on NEAR, she is also up-to-speed with that as well.

A commoNEAR is someone who is bullish on NEAR. He or she waits for NEAR to reach 100 USD at least. Therefore she doesn’t liquidate his NEAR token just like that. He or she knows his or her risk appetite when it comes to holding NEAR token. Moreover, he or she is aware of the opportunites on NEAR to collaborate with other networks using layer 2 solutions.

A commoNEAR is aware that newly-whitelisted NFT artists on Paras need more support. Therefore the commoNEAR examines all newly-accepted Paras artists and see who among them has the potential to become more famous. Therefore, he buys the NFT collections of that artist for future flipping or just save the art for its own sake.

A commoNEAR invites his or her family within his village near and far, including his relatives in other countries. Since we are talking about Filipinos here, we assume that each Filipino family has at least one family or relative members abroad. We Filipinos export people, you know. That is our main export, people.

Therefore, the commoNEAR persuades his or her relative abroad to open NEAR wallet, so that the relatives don’t have to pay service fees that can be an arm and a leg. They just transfer NEAR tokens to their family members here in the Philippines. And that happens instantaneously. It takes about 1 second to transfer NEAR tokens to another wallet. Distance is not an issue. BEAM me up, Scotty.

Another type of commoNEAR lives in an isolated village in the boondocks in the Philippines. He accepts payments for his grass-fed grass-finished beef in NEAR. Moreover, he sends his daughter to town where there is internet connection so that she can do her NEARCrowd tasks. She also learns how to code in Assembly Script and Rust, using Sherif’s program. Moreover, she is in touch with one of the community members of NEAR Hispano. They actually are dating each other, sending each other NFT cards as gifts.

Another commoNEAR is a meme enthusiast, supplying Swine Guild with the latest memes. This commoNEAR is very savvy with the latest mood in the blockchain space, using old school catchphrases and iconic images such as that of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Another commoNEAR is a graphic artist hired by several guilds around the world. His visual flair is so sharp that he can capture a message using different color palettes. Moreover, he designs the very first offical logo of NEAR Philippines. This artist holds several gold medals on Paras, garnering several recognitions from Afique and Riqi themselves.

Do you see where we are going here with this train of thought? We envision a Philippines where even the most common Filipino has in one way or another some form of involvement with NEAR Protocol. And every family has at least on member who has a NEAR wallet. Even the kids are playing blockchain games on NEAR.

With time, patience, and support from the community, we expand our network. We create noise so as to make people feel curious about NEAR Protocol. From our members in NEAR Crowd, NFT artists, and musicians, they themselves spread the news via word of mouth. They cannot hold in the rush of excitement that comes from having a NEAR wallet.

What are you waiting for? Follow us on all our social media platforms for more information. Whoever you are, whatever your background is, NEAR has a place for you to thrive in. You just have to have an open mind and an willingness to learn. We have tons of content on Medium, Twitter, and Youtube. We interview key figures on NEAR Philippines.

Become a commoNEAR.

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