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From blockchain’s perspective, the period before the advent of Bitcoin, circa 2008/2009, can be termed B.C.E. (Before Crypto Era). Then after this pivotal point in time can be tagged as A.D. (After Decentralization). Even these chronological categorizing are just being coined right now, as this content is written. (pun intended on the “coinage”) Crypto Era is truly the creators’ period. And creators are considered designers. Well in this case, “desigNEARs.”

Before blockchain, there were only a handful of careers in design. This field is also called creative professions. When people would say they were designers or creatives, they usually meant that literally they were in the creative industry. They could be in the fashion industry, graphics design, visual arts, music, films, landscaping, architecture, even software design.

However, being in the creative industry was not favored. The so-called stable careers: law, engineering, medicine, accounting, are favored over creative jobs. This may have been so because of the stability of these jobs. You may remember the typical second generation immigrants who submit to their parents’ imposition to only pursue careers that are “stable.” We empathize with the parents. They had to undergo hardships through taking odd jobs to survive.

This trend is changing in the era of blockchain. You see, blockchain can also be called a universe of its own. It’s like existing in an alternative planet somewhere in the ether. Although one has a physical presence on earth, he may dwell in the blockchain universe. It’s like being in a virtual reality (VR).

Therefore, the fact that there is an existing virtual universe out there, in this case in the blockchain universe, humans now become creators. They can design whatever that comes up on their minds. Even the engineers (or EngiNEARS?) themselves can express themselves creatively in the blockchain universe. For instance, engineers design the network of a layer one protocol. NEAR Protocol is an example.

The founders of NEAR, Ilia and Alex to name a few, have designed NEAR’s infrastructure, similar to designing a planet. They may have considered how the planet can be self-sustaining, how the inhabitants living on the surface of the planet interact among one another. They may have also considered how planet NEAR can be protected from external asteroid in the form of an attack from hackers.

Moreover, they may have considered that from time to time they have to deal with bug issues in the system. Thus it’s a continuous process of designing and improving the system. Sometimes the founders need to outsource the provision of privacy within the ecosystem. There is a guild in NEAR that does this. They are called Cypherpunk. You can check them out by clicking the link. Now the folks in Cypherpunk are desigNEARs themselves. They creatively design privacy provisions so inhabitants on planet NEAR can benefit from their design.

Do you see the point of this content? In the blockchain world, almost all involved are desigNEARs. Well, the obvious ones are NFT artists. They may be visual artists on Paras or Mintbase. Of course blockchain musicians, such as Vandal, are also literally creators. What we must be more aware now of is the fact that even the ones who may not have been otherwise considered creators are actually creators as well on planet NEAR.

Think of Swine Guild. The folks in this guild on planet NEAR are desigNEARs themselves. They create fresh memes regularly, perhaps even daily, to supply the ecosystem with memes. Before Crypto (BCE) meme-making was just considered a hobby. Now it’s a profession. If you want to understand why this seemingly-insignificant phenomenon called meme, check this documentary by Vox on Youtube.

Therefore, from creating the whole network from the bottom to top requires a design. From a guild leader designing the organizational structure of her community to the most technical engiNEAR coming up with solutions to decentralization or scalability, everyone is a creator. Everyone is a crypto desigNEAR. You just have to find your authentic talents so you can express them into the crypto space.

If you have not found your unique talents yet, you can just observe and try different things on planet NEAR. There is the Sandbox that can help you find your own place on planet NEAR. The Sandbox is planet NEAR’s immigration department. It helps immigrants wanting to dwell on planet NEAR to integrate themselves into the ecosystem.

Aren’t you tired of the old world in web2? Come join us in web3 on NEAR Protocol. You can find your community among the different guilds and like-minded people for the sense of belongingness. Stop wasting your creative energy. Divert them into the crypto world on planet NEAR. We will be welcoming you with open arms when you come.

This content is brought to you by NEAR Protocol, the future of blockchain and crypto.

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