e-NEARnet of Value

While web2 brought us the internet of information where data freely flows throughout the world, web3 affords us the internet (iNEARnet) of value. In web2, we can only have an interchange of information, be they video, text, audio, image, etc. But if we want to sell something, we still go to the offline world and hand over cash to each other.

With web3, though, we not only can communicate on different avenues, videocalling, voicecalling, text message, voice messages, Morse code, sign language, etc, we can interact with one another in a more sophisticated way via blockchain. We can buy and sell while videocalling each other. Through our NEAR wallet, we can transfer funds to each other, buy and sell on Paras or Mintbase, and finish our transaction in real time. This is surreal!

We have certainly come to this paradigm shift! It certainly is overwhelming for me, as I did not even have my first computer ever until last year, 2020 3rd quarter. Shout out to Dennis Velasco, founder of Prosperna, a true technology evangelist. He’s one of the key figure why I was able to embrace technology. He left his paradise in San Francisco, came to the Philippines on a mission to empower 100,000 businesses through technology.

The guy, Dennis, is a true Renaissance man. After my short stint with Prosperna, Dennis had one spare pre-owned Windows 10 laptop that he bulk bought for the company. He offered it to me, as the unit would just be collecting dust. He is such a mentor, operating from a transcendent place of abundance. He even offered me some mentorship himself. Now Prosperna has been funded by Angel investors with about half a million USD; Dennis has been featured on that “Shark Tank”ish show in Manila. I think it’s called The Final Cut.

More power to Prosperna, Dennis! Now back to our web3 experience. My transition to web3 was in a sense overwhelming, but not that much. Thanks to my short sojourn with Prosperna as a software and service sales rep for the Aussie market, I was able to have a crash course on technology solutions. But that short immersion was not enough.

Now I find myself in blockchain. However, I’m thankful that Shreyas, Chloethedev, James Waugh, JC Pacion, and the rest of the NEAR peeps. They made the transition smoother than it could have been. It was not a pleasure cruise, but it was manageable. Now with the iNEARnet of value, I have been able to purchase several NFTs on Paras during their card4card event. Now I hold several NFTs as my personal collection.

Moreover, through the help of Samtoshi, I have minted my very first NFT on Mintbase. How much of a feat that is! Moreover, I was able to mint our very first audio NFT on Mintbase as well! We are indeed rediscovering how we iNEARact with one another as human beings! Sure we use web2 for communication, the internet of information platforms. But with web3 on NEAR Protocol, we can already transact with one another with our tokens, be it FT or NFT.

You see, there are only two types of value even in the real word: money and non-money. So with money, it’s obvious that there is the Dollar, the Euro, the Peso, the Won, and other fiat currencies. Then there is the non-money value. Duhh!!!! The rest of the things that you see that is not money belong to that category. Be they merchandise or a non-tangible service.

These two types of value, money and non money, are what we exchange with one another. I buy your product, I give you money. You give me your product. You buy my service, you give me money. I provide you with my service. As simple as that.

In the blockchain world, our money is the NEAR token. We hold it or them in our NEAR wallet. Then we have the non-money value or token called NFT. Now we can only have music, graphic art, tickets, and other limited use cases of NFT. As time goes by, we will be able to see other use cases of NFTs. As coming from the real estate industry, I can envision having land titles in NFT form. Anything that is non-money can be turned into an NFT. Isn’t that fascinating?

This may sound far-fetched, but how about we buy a keto burger on the blockchain, pay the merchant in NEAR, and he sends the information to our 3D printer to print that burger for us? Or we can have our pizza teleported to us. Or sent via drone. Time will tell indeed.

How about you, how do you see the world where we can all interact on the NEAR blockchain? What kind of services do you envision that can be channeled through the blockchain?

Let us know.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/@tara-winstead?utm_content=attributionCopyText&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pexels

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