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From the previous content pieces, you have learned that the pandemic can either make you or break you. The choice is yours. Chances are that if you are able to read this piece, you are far from broken, or far from broke. For one, you still have electricity from which you get power to turn your device on. Second, the fact that you are not on the road looking for food implies that you still have some supplies to survive on.

You may need to do some inner engineering, some mind setting. You see, mindset is very powerful. With your mind, you can rise above the challenge. On the other hand with the same mind, you may also just give up on life. As stated in the previous content pieces, sometimes it requires some rock bottom experience before one decides to finally take ownership of their situation.

There is a saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” While this may not always mean a technical innovation or inventing a gadget, although that can also be the case, it may mean that when one has no other choice, he or she may just take measures to survive. You may need to work on your inner engineering. That means that you need to examine your motivations, your fears, your insecurities, and any other things that influences your behavior.

This requires self-awareness. You may just have to ask yourself the hard questions in life, questions that may make you feel uncomfortable. They may feel like you are holding your feet in the fire, feel the burn, and face reality. Sometimes we indulge too much on entertainment and other soft addictions that other people engage in. Some people do have the so-called hard addictions to escape from reality.

But you can take heart, have the courage to confront your inner fears and insecurities. This you may say you are doing engineering on yourself. The word engineering may connote something tangible, as in hardware. But you can also engineer a software. Thus the phrase software engineering. The same is true of our minds. Our minds is like a software that has its own operating systems and preinstalled applications.

Let me just run away with this analogy. When you purchase your device, be it a smartphone or a tablet or a personal computer, have you noticed that there are preinstalled applications that you may not use at all? What do you do with them? You uninstall them. This can free up space on your device so as to maximize its performance.

Sometimes, you yourself install a bunch of apps that appealed to you. Then after a while, you decide to delete those applications that you yourself installed just because you don’t use them anymore, if at all. Sometimes, you install an app and you never used it, not even once. Can you relate to this? I can. :)

When we do inner engineering on our minds, we audit all the thought patterns and emotions that trigger certain behaviors. For instance, you may ask yourself, why am I not learning something online? Is it because of fear of failure? Is it because I don’t have the confidence to take on tasks? You can certainly do some sort of soul searching in this manner.

And then when you have identified those “applications” that limit your RAM, you can choose to delete them and replace them with new ones that can serve your objective. You see, there is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. When a student is not ready to learn, even the best professors from Ivy League universities cannot teach that student.

On the other hand, even if a willing student is in the middle of a slum, he or she will find a way to educate herself to improve his lot in life. You can only drag the horse to the stream, you cannot make him drink. This is very important. It’s only ourselves that can motivate us to push forward. Sure, others can encourage us. But if we do our inner engineering, we will be able to know ourselves so well that no one else can dissuade us from reaching our vision.

You are already a winner. Stop wasting time on nonessentials. Let us find the best versions of ourselves and share our gifts to mankind, easing one suffering at a time. I remember Gary Vaynerchuk saying that the probability of us being born is infinitesimally small. You have won life’s lottery. Let us be grateful and do something creative.

The future in NEAR.

This content is brought to you by NEAR Protocol, the future of blockchain and crypto.

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