Meta Founding Fathers (Claudio)

‘Even if you have the most beautiful software in the world, if no one knows about it, just sitting there in some repository place, it won’t benefit the world.’ -Lucio Tato (Meta Pool Founder)

That statement is profound. It’s true that even if you have the best product, if it’s not well-known, then it’s useless. Lucio must have thought that he has the gift in coding, he could never have reached the same success rate with Meta Pool if Claudio had not been there from the beginning.

True, a successful project requires a team of talented individuals. And the combination of Lucio and Claudio has given birth to Meta Pool. While Lucio lead the building of the codes, Claudio made sure that adoption and success are certain. Even colleagues of Claudio have nothing but praise for his professionalism and talent in making a technology project succeed at a lightning speed. Consider what one colleague said of Claudio:

“Claudio is an amazing individual with hard skills and strong strategic thinking. We have collaborated along the road and I’ve seen him not only support entrepreneurs but also grow and find business opportunities nearly everywhere. I would consider Claudio as a perfect Business Development partner, as well as a strong product development lead.”

No wonder you see Claudio being in different time zones and continents, he is almost always moving, on the road, flying, in the cloud. (or in the CLAUD?) Might as well call his domain of being fast at implementing strategies and reaching objectives. We have certainly seen this with the success of Meta Pool on NEAR Protocol.

So, Meta Peeps, you don’t have to wonder whether the people behind Meta Pool are reliable. They are solid professionals in what they do, world-class. Let us just do our own staking on the platform, and we let Lucio and Claudio do their magic.

Happy Staking!

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