Meta Wool

John is hopeless. There is bad news. The lake where he is fishing is getting polluted at an alarming rate. The fish are dying. The radio program says that in 2 years or less, the whole lake will have been so toxic that humans can’t even swim in it.

What would John do? How will he feed his 3 children and his wife? Fishing is the only livelihood he has. His father taught him to fish. Even his great grandfather was a fisherman. It’s the only craft of his clan. The family doesn’t have any other alternative.

The nearest town is 6 hours by horse. It’s too far. Is John going to start a new career in town and leave his family behind? It may not be worth it. Will he start a business? He is too far from the population.

Then an idea came. “Why don’t I start raising sheep?” Now that is a good alternative. It’s passive income once the sheep grow in number. Compared with his active income livelihood in fishing, raising sheep will not only give his family meat. It will also afford him income when they multiply.

10 years later, John has a thriving business in raising sheep. He now has 300 of them, and counting, adding 30 more every month. The sheep give him milk, meat, and money when people buy from him. His animals even give him clothing from the wool of the flock.

He realizes that fishing had been an active income, not passive. If he did not go out fishing, he could not provide food for his family. That was active income. Now his income with his sheep is passive. The animals would just multiply, giving John more value over time.

Now what can we learn from John’s story? We have been working for active income for many years now. If we don’t work, we don’t get paid. Now our own symbolic lake in this old world economy is becoming polluted, making it harder to earn as the years go by. If we don’t find ways to adjust, we may also end up broke.

Good thing we have our metaphorical sheep-raising opportunity with Meta Wool (Meta Pool). With Meta Pool, you let your sheep (NEAR) multiply. It’s passive income. Even if we don’t work, our Meta Pool fund grows even during our sleep.

This is the power of passive income. This is Meta Pool, or in this case, Meta Wool.

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