Basic Personal Background

1. Please introduce yourself: name (pseudonym), location, current role in NEARWEEK.

  • My name is P3ter, currently living in Copenhagen and I’m the founder / project lead of NEARWEEK

2. How long have you been in the NEAR ecosystem?

  • I’ve been in the NEAR ecosystem since March 2021

3. How were you introduced to NEAR?

  • I was introduced via a friend who’s a big tech head. Once I started to scrape the surface of the protocol I quickly got intrigued and then went deep. I haven’t come up from the rabbithole since — Don’t know if that will ever happen, haha

4. This may be a point of no return for you, Brother. It’s like taking that pill in the Matrix. So, how long have you been in the crypto space?

  • I’ve been around for 3 years.

5. So NEAR has been a big chunk of your crypto journey. Moving forward, many people are familiar with NEARWEEK. But, what is one problem that NEARWEEK is trying to solve for the community?

  • We try to gather everything that’s going on in the ecosystem in one place and then disperse that information via various channels. When I arrived in the ecosystem it was difficult to get a hold of everything that was going on (the beauty of open source and decentralised tech). So I started gathering news by myself, producing a weekly newsletter and tweeting about it. We try to cut through the noise.
  • We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make decisions and start using products on NEAR. We work everyday on being the most reliable source of information. It is extremely important to us that the information we send out is of the highest validity and quality. NEARWEEK represents credibility and it’s a core value and position we strive towards every day.

6. There you go, finding the pains in the existing system and crafting a solution that benefits many. Kudos! I wonder, what is the story behind the formation of NEARWEEK? Was it a gradual process, or was it an instant aha moment?

  • The initial idea of providing a news overview was an instant aha moment. Looking towards other ecosystems NEAR was missing a news infrastructure point. From the beginning we did have a very clear idea of where we wanted to take the project when the time was ripe. But parts of it have also been a gradual process.

7. I see. And when did NEARWEEK launch?

  • First week of April 2021

8. It’s amazing how much of an executioner you are. I could always feel it in you whenever we would interact. So, looking back, what was the main hurdle that NEARWEEK had to overcome before officially launching?

  • Getting familiar with the ecosystem is always a task that takes more time than you’d think. And then overcoming the fact that you don’t know everything when you start out and telling yourself that it is okay not to know everything. Curiosity is a thing I would emphasise a lot here, it can take you to very interesting places and help you overcome your insecurities.

9. I think being comfortable with not knowing everything, uncertainty, confusion can be a superpower, especially in the creative field. Please tell us, how many people does your core team currently have?

  • Currently we’re 4 core members and looking into expanding in the NEAR future (lol)

10. I love that pun, Brother. May I call you P3ter PUN? LOL. Could you please tell us a bit about each team member and their individual roles?

  • B4ltsar runs SoMe and partnerships (campaigns, promo and storytelling),
  • La Devochka joined recently as Head of Content — she writes, plans our content production + the direction of it together with me, and then she onboards new writers to the ecosystem so that we can increase the amount of NEAR content.
  • Rasmus is our operations assistant, currently studying Business IT.

11.What a great team! There goes your Avenger team, each one having specialization. If your team is like The Avengers and you are from Scandinavia, could you be the “Thor” of the team? ;) Tell me, Thor, what do you appreciate the most about each one of the team members? Please mention one outstanding quality of each of your team members that you appreciate the most.

  • All of the team members are self-propelled / self-going individuals. And then I value that they’re open to discussion about everything, so we don’t end up misunderstanding each other.

12. Well, if you were to tackle Thanos-like challenges within the NEAR ecosystem, you might as well be cohesive as a team. So, Thor, is your team ready to onboard more Avengers right now? Are you hiring at the moment?

  • Not at the moment.


13. Let us talk about some USPs of NEARWEEK. What would you say would be the unique feature that NEARWEEK offers to its audience?

  • Community curation, credibility and putting everything in one place.

14. What is the goal that NEARWEEK is trying to reach for its target audience? Is it a big picture understanding of the current NEAR ecosystem, or an in-depth information on a news item?

  • We seek to equip our audience with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions upon embarking on their NEAR journey. We actively try to educate and communicate in a way that is easy to understand for a non-crypto audience.

15. I like the approach that you are also considering non-crypto people. This way you are opening the doors for people to benefit from NEAR. So, essentially, value that your target audience can enjoy by consuming NEARWEEK?

  • Staying informed on the progress of the ecosystem and education.

Target Audience

16. Who would you say are your ideal target audience (ideal profile, demographics, psychographics) for NEARWEEK?

  • Everyone with an interest in crypto and especially NEAR Protocol. We’re a global movement, by the community, for the community.

What is Next?

17. What would you say would be the next exciting thing, or things, that will take place with NEARWEEK within the next 3 months?

  • We’re launching our first version of the new — the goal is to build THE 1-stop-shop on everything NEAR. And then we’re officially launching marketing support for ecosystem projects that seek to engage with the community.

18. Exciting stuff, indeed! Where can people find more information about NEARWEEK or where can they contact you?

19. Are there any other questions not included here that you wish had been asked of you that we missed? Perhaps a special point or points that you would like to bring up, a subtle angle that we failed to address?

  • WE SEE NEARWEEK AS A PLATFORM THAT CONNECTS NEAR CONTENT AND PROJECTS WITH USERS. We do what we do to foster NEAR adoption. If you’re on the same mission please don’t hesitate to contact us!

20. Well-said, P3ter. Any last words to everyone reading this content?

  • If you want to contribute please reach out.

There you go, folks! You know where to find P3ter.



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