Octopushers Series: Crypto G

What is up, what is up, Octopushers!!!

“Octopushers?” Well if you are bullish on Octopus Network, you might as well tag yourself as an Octopus Pusher, a.k.a. “Octopusher”. Yes, sir! That newly coined term is a portmanteau for Octopus and “pusher.”

Did you really think that the gerund “coining” only applies to crypto coders? Think again. You can “coin” any term you want. So much for the “coining.”

Without further delays, let us pick the brain of one of the Octopushers out there. He is known as Crypto G. Now to maintain the mystery of this person, I will leave it to you to look him/her up on the metaverse. (Or am I just too lazy to cobble up the handles of this person?) Whatever!

Without further further delays (yes that’s a double “further”), let us crack into this conversation between yours truly and Crypto G on anything and everything Octopus Network.


-Please tell us something about yourself (pseudonym, location, current role in Octopus)

Hi! My name is Andres, I´m an industrial Engineer from Colombia. I use the pseudonym CryptoG (that stands for Crypto Gangster haha) in Discord and Telegram. I also have a Twitter account and a Youtube channel where I use the name Poder Cripto. I just started my role as ambassador of Octopus Network for the Spanish speaking community.

-How long have you been in the crypto space

I have been in the crypto space since September 2017, when I first invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, following the advice of one of my brothers who is a software developer and who had heard that BTC and ETH could be a good investment. From that moment I was really curious about this new technology, the blockchain, that made all of this possible, and began reading and watching as much videos as I could to understand more about this whole new thing.

-How were you introduced to Octopus Network?

As I became an adept of crypto, I started using and learning about many dapps, wallets and blockchains. One of them was the NEAR wallet and some dapps on the NEAR Protocol blockchain like Paras.id. I then came across an opportunity to apply to become a “NEAR Degen” (a team of NEAR enthusiasts from all over the world with the mission to spread the word about NEAR protocol and make it one of the most known and used blockchain in crypto) and I got the job thanks to being an active user of the NEAR wallet and different dapps. That’s when I was introduced to Octopus Network, since part of our job as degens was to spread the word about all the upcoming projects in the ecosystem, and Octopus was without doubt one of the most important ones next to Aurora.

-What are you trying to accomplish in the Spanish-speaking world with Octopus Network?

I would like to help people understand what Octopus Network is about, and why it might play an important role in shaping the future of the crypto space. Since many people still don’t know much about crypto and blockchain in general, I think it’s important to explain these concepts, which can be very complicated, in a simpler and easier way so that more people can understand them.

-How have the Spanish-speaking community shown interest in Octopus Network?

There are many countries in Latin America that have shown great interest in the crypto space, since it is an unprecedent opportunity for people to earn a living, no matter where you are from or where you are located, and a great opportunity for people, as stated in NEAR´s mission, to own their money, data and power of governance. So, many people see a life changing opportunity in this space.

There´s a lot of talent in these countries as well, but they haven’t had an opportunity to participate in the global market before like they have today. There are lots of talented developers in these countries that if given the opportunity can make great contributions to the ecosystem (one example is Meta Pool, which was developed by talents from Latin America), and that is another space where I would like to contribute, to onboard developers from this region to Octopus Network.

-Are those who have shown interest in Octopus Network just developers? If not, tell us more about their background.

I have only been an ambassador for a little bit more than one week, so don’t know for sure, but I’m sure there are talented people in different areas other than software development, like content creation of all types.

-Why should Substrate developers in the Spanish-speaking region consider building on Octopus?

Octopus Network currently offers a solution that their competitors are not offering, which gives Octopus a competitive advantage, thus creating a great potential for growth with this project. Developers want to be where the greatest potential for growth is, making Octopus an incredibly attractive option for developers to consider to build on.

-What advantages does Octopus offer to its appchain developers?

As stated in the Octopus web page, developers of appchains can enjoy some advantages such as mentoring, training, expert advice and partnerships. Also the best projects receive a grant of $50,000 USD. In addition to that, projects in the Accelerator program gain access to a community of investors, marketers and subject- matter experts.

-How do you see Octopus benefiting the Spanish-speaking world in the years to come?

As mentioned before, Latin America and Spanish speaking countries in general have shown great interest in crypto and are amongst the regions with highest rate of crypto adoption in the world. Having said that, I think Octopus Network can open the doors to a large number of projects in the region to be able to launch their dapps, and to do so at a fraction of the cost they would otherwise incur, and providing these projects with a strong and growing network to support them.

Well, well, well, well, well said, Mr. Gansta!!! Crypto G in da house, ya’ll. As stated from the get go, yours truly is truly lazy to collect all handles of Crypto G. You can ask my executive assistant, though, Mr. Goooooooooogle!!!!

Look up Crypt G’s Youtube channel. You are going to learn tons of value with this gangsta’s tutorial videos.

So, Octopushers!!! Let me know who to interview next. Drop some comments down below, clap for some APPreciation. (Pun intended, of course!)

See ya’ll in the Metaverse!!!



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