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I can’t believe my eyes when I see Dan2x on a Zoom call. Before we would only chat on Telegram either one on one or in the group channel. Now I am able to speak with him face to face. I was always curious who Dan2x was. I was intrigued by this guy’s story. This is because he mentioned that with NEARCrowd he’s earning more than his day job. On top of that, he’s been very kind enough to help other NEARCrowders on the group chat. He would tell them the best practices and tips of the trade.

We also did our very first community call with the NEARCrowders. Dan2x must have been there. I’m not sure whether he turned on his camera, though. But whether he did or he did not, I did not get to speak with him face to face until our Zoom interview call on the 13th of July, 2021. We had been planning to interview NEARCrowders on a regular basis. But last night it finally materialized.

I somehow heard from the grapevine that Dan2x is from the south of the Philippines, in Davao. But when we had our interview, he was in Zamboanga for a business trip. I’m grateful enough to have been given a chance to interview him in his hotel. I only assume that he’s in his hotel room.

I wanted to know his story. This is because his story may inspire others to do the same, that is to explore other online income opportunities. This is very timely, as the pandemic has economically affected many Filipinos. For instance I would see former public transportation drivers line up on the side of the road asking for financial assistance. This is because when the public transportation was halted, the drivers did not know any other option for income to feed their families.

The drivers may be an extreme case, but you get the picture. Whether you are a blue-collar soldier or a white-collar office warrior, the pandemic has laid off many of our fellow Filipinos. Back to Dan2x. His story is quite inspiring. After graduating high school, he was willing to leave his hometown to move to Davao city for university studies. That is usually a bold move. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary.

But Dan2x took on the challenge. He even mentioned in the interview that for the first several months or a couple of years, he would just travel back and fort to his rented place and school. It must have been challenging for him. He had to face the new challenge of being in an unfamiliar environment away from his family. Moreover, the peer pressure and the possibility of bullying may have lurked somewhere.

But Dan2x was determined. He mentioned that one of the mindset he had to succeed was that he was “willing to learn” and perseverance. This was demonstrated when he had to tackle the infamous mathematical subject “calculus.” I was fortunate enough not to undergo this “difficult” subject myself, but Dan2x had to. He had to, he’s an electronics engineering major. And it’s a 5-year degree.

And persevere Dan2x did. He graduated. Now on to the next challenge after graduation, job hunting. He mentioned that he was looking for a job so much that he even had to go Cebu city, the one of the largest city in the middle of the archipelago. What is funny is that he ended up getting hired in Davao itself, the city closest to his hometown. His journey went full circle. It reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s the hero’s journey where the protagonist would sail off to some strange land on a mission only to get back to his village later on in his life. But that’s a story for another day. Look it up, though, the hero’s journey.

Having known that Dan2x is in his mid-thirties, I was expecting that he must have changed industries and fields several times before his current domain. You know how it is nowadays for typical Millennials to change industries several times, right? But…. Surprise surprise! He have just been in the same bio-tech industry. He had changed company, but he’s stayed in the same line all these years! More than a decade in fact. That’s amazing!

Now what even fascinates me is that the field that Dan2x is in is a lucrative career to be in. health-based companies are evergreen. This is because healthcare is not seasonal. It’s all-year-round. As long as there is a breathing human being, health care business remains. Also, professionals in this field is well-pampered by their employers. It’s similar to a medical representative.

Folks in this field enjoy many perks: mobile phone lines, free gadgets, company-provided sedans, incentives, commissions, travel rewards. The laundry list goes on. However, when Dan2x mentioned that he was earning with NEAR Crowd more than his day job, that only amazes me. Also, he would just do his NEARCrowd tasks during his spare time. Unbelievable.

I myself am not a NEARCrowd practitioner, but hearing these kinds of stories makes me prowd as well. (The spelling is intentional; I like to coin new words just to let you know). To sum it all up in this content, Dan2x is just one of the hundreds of people worldwide who bask in the benefit of doing tasks on NEARCrowd.

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