Stake to One? No Way!

It’s a normal tendency to stick to the things to which we have been accustomed. There are deeply-rooted habits that we can’t get rid of. There are thought patterns that we have been treading upon for years, if not decades. And there are products that we are loyal to.

While sometimes there is no issue with staying with the same thing for a long time, there are drawbacks to it. When, for instance, a deeply rooted habit of ours are hurting us, we may need to replace the habit with a more beneficial one. For instance, if you have always been consuming added sugar for years and you have just realized that it’s not doing your body any good, you may want to do something about it.

Moreover, if you have found out that a new product in the market is much superior to your current one, there may not be any reason to stick to the current product anymore. Still, if some of your relationships are not taking you to your goal, you may want to sever those bonds and find new ones that can propel you to your vision.

Meta Pool is not sticking (staking) to one validator. Validators are the ones that maintain and secure the NEAR Protocol network so that transactions go smoothly. For instance, when you send a number of NEAR tokens to another wallet, the validators are the ones responsible for securing your transaction.

However, not all validators are created equal. They have their own profile, performance history and fees that they charge. And Meta Pool decides which validators are eligible for support. Meta Pool does not stick to one validator. We can say that Meta Pool is not monogamous; it’s polygamous.

In the real world, some relationships need to be replaced with new ones. This may be due to the fact that the current relationships are not bringing value to the parties involved. Therefore, at time it may be better not to stick to that relationship.

In a sense, Meta Pool is choosing the best validators with good performance and charge a smaller fee. This way Meta Pool optimizes the staked yield. This is why Meta Pool is able to give its stakers a higher APY.

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