Transcription: NFT Marketplace, Apollo42 Interview with NEAR Philippines

Welcome back once again to another session with NEAR Protocol PH! Happy to have you, our readers. We have some awesome people over from Apollo 42 with us to break down their upcoming project.

Apollo42, Daniil: Thank you for inviting us to the NEAR Philippines teams. We love your guild and you’re doing amazing jobs with all the interviews since you know the research and podcasts.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Apollo42, Daniil: My name is Daniel, I’m the CEO and founder of Apollo42, Social NFT Marketplace in the NFT Ecosystem. Basically, we’re creating one of the first social NFT marketplaces in the industry where people besides buying and selling NF T’s will be able to properly communicate. So here on the call, we have Anton, our CTO of the project, and the main developer behind the Apollo42, And Liza, who is our head of PR and the main manager of the platform and all the social media.

Q: How’d you get into Crypto?

Apollo42, Daniil: I started my journey in crypto in 2017 when I bought half of the Ethereum for less than $500. It was my first investment in crypto. Later on, I was, you know, I’m a big fan of technology and I’ve made many projects around artificial intelligence and retail platforms. But in 2020, I had a meeting with one guy who is one of the founders of the crypto trackers in the industry and he told me about NFTs and community here and about some detailed information about the blockchain technology. So I was extremely fascinated and started my, you know, journey once again, not just buying and selling but you know, exploring the community and trying to understand what, what really Web3.0 is, and how it will impact our future. And in November 2021, after all the researching and you know, exploring the industry, I came up with this concept of Apollo42.

Apollo42, Anton: Actually, I didn’t remember the exact day or exactly when I got into crypto, but it was the time when Bitcoin was around $1,000. I was even investing in some kind of cloud mining platform after some time, got scammed. Cloud mining is a scam.

I’ve said it. I was around crypto this time. And I even remember when I learned about the doggy coin. I thought wow, no one needs this currency it will go by next year. And then in three years or four, Elon Musk pumped yeah, I must have bought about. I have really been in crypto since the beginning of the 2021 year when the industry exploded. I helped projects to make the smart contracts I’ve helped in launching several and a few collections. I think I’m in crypto for four years, something like that.

Apollo42, Lisa: I’m from the art industry side. So yeah, Daniel was here and they’re always talking about the Krypton, NF T’s, and everything. And yeah, I just somehow got in.

Q: What is Apollo42?

We started with the concept of the social identity marketplace, as I said, where people can properly communicate and, you know, build communities on the platform itself. Because, you know, the NFT community is extremely social. It’s one of the most social communities we have if I would compare it to the gaming community. And people are socializing right now on Twitter. We want to basically create a platform where people can socialize on it too. So when you buy something or you sell something, you receive feedback right away. You don’t need to post it on Twitter, you don’t need to go to Twitter. And you can use just our platform to build your social network on it. And you know, just try to communicate normally with people.

We also position ourselves as an NFT ecosystem, which means that we will have other products too besides the social nft marketplace. Social NFT marketplace, is our main product, but we also do have such products on the line that will release in the future as AR NFTs Explorer, it’s an app, an iOS and Android app that you can use to depict your NFTs in real-life circumstances, using augmented reality. So you just input your wallet, you choose the NFT, you’d like to showcase in augmented reality, you can film this NFT in augmented reality and posts it in a few seconds through your social media. So it’s just a flexing app, I would say, for people who are collecting NFTs. But for creators too because you know, people want to see their creations in, you know, not only on the internet, on the screen, but in real life, too, right. That’s the point of AR. So we will be releasing this app too when connecting to the marketplace, which means that when you meant your NFT on the marketplace, you’ll be able to see it in AR just with a view with a few clicks.

Q: Is Apollo42 open to all?

100% open system, we totally for decentralized future, and will not have any keyway to see things because we think it’s unnecessary in the crypto, defi, and NFT space. But what we will have was a is a pretty simple verification before people who want to communicate on the platform using our common sections, like, follow buttons. So you should want to use that and you want to grow your community around your art or around your collection or around your collector page profile, you will need to verify yourself with a Twitter. And that’s it. So yeah, we’re 100% an open marketplace. And we totally believe that’s the best way of doing things here.

Q: What are Apollo42’s Unique Features?

I would say there are many things that were different. The first thing that, you know, comes to my mind is that will be an extremely fast and convenient platform, and convenient in terms of design. Because as you can see, by looking at our lending website right now, Twitter, we have a very, very sophisticated interface UI UX. We were working very, very hard for a very long time on creating this convenient interface. So people can stay without headaches on the platform. The future of Apollo42 is very bright, as well as for the NEAR Team ecosystem itself. We’ll be releasing the marketplace very soon, as I said. So check it out. We have around 2000 waitlists, people who want to users want to use the marketplace already. So don’t be too late because there are many people already.

But we will be releasing the marketplace and then adding many many useful features to the marketplace. As advanced, you know, advanced statistics and NFT tracking tools. Metaverse gallery, later on, will take a lot of time but we’ll be adding a Metaverse gallery for all NFT marketplace users so creators can showcase their artworks in the metaverse and create and collectors can make whole exhibitions of their collection which is pretty cool I think. And you know just I guess as with all IT product lounge we’ll be fixing bugs and hearing feedback from the community on what they think can be improved on the marketplace.

Host: Glad to hear! So for any of our readers and viewers out there, Apollo42 is releasing their marketplace very soon. So get in line, join that waitlist, and yeah don’t miss out. So, Daniil, does your team have like a set time/ date for the release or kind of flexible at the moment?

Apollo42, Daniil: We don’t want to say the exact date of the release right now. But I believe that will be at the end of April, the beginning of May. So yeah, I think that these days, we don’t want to see the exact date because we don’t want to make a mistake. You know, it’s a complicated process. We’re finishing everything up right now. So I believe in one, one and a one and a half weeks, we’ll tell the exact day so people can, can can can can appropriately wait for the first launch.

So once again, this is NEAR Protocol PH everybody coming to you with Apollo42 team members. And so we hope you join us for another interview the next time!

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