How do you learn? Are you the reader type? Are you the listener type? Or are you the hands-on type, someone who learns by doing? Regardless of what your learning style is, you can educate yourself on blockchain with NEAR Protocol. This is the official site: https://near.org/.

But there are other ways for you to educate yourself on blockchain with NEAR Protocol. For instance, the official website has many features, like blogs, and whitepaper if you are more technical. There is the team section where it shows the key figures within NEAR, such as the founders, the community leaders like Shreyas, and other team members that support planet NEAR.

If you want to learn how to code, you can jump on https://learnnear.club/. This education is free for all. You can even be certified as a NEAR developer! Then there is https://near.academy/ the NEAR Academy. I’m actually not sure what the difference is between the two. But if you are up for some programming education, please feel free to sign up.

If you are of an audio visual learner, planet NEAR has one official Youtube channel. Then there are other guilds and resource on Youtube that are not officially by NEAR, but the guilds and communities within the NEAR ecosystem. There is the famous 4NTS guild’s official channel. It contains interviews with NEAR creators and leaders on different topics.

Then there is NEAR Protocol Philippines’ official Youtube channel. If you are living in the Philippines, you may want to subscribe and consume video contents with NEAR Philippines. It has not only interviews, but also community calls with NFT artists, NEAR Crowd superstars, and blockchain musicians. This channel can give you a bigger picture of the benefits NEAR Philippines offers to Filipinos.

If you want to follow different guilds and resources on Twitter, there are tons and tons of Twitter accounts. From different guilds to specialized communities, you can savor different flavors of NEAR Protocol expressed through these Twitter handles. If you want a comprehensive overview of what is happening within planet NEAR, you must not ignore NEARWEEK.

All these different resources can give you a bird’s eye view of what an actual blockchain ecosystem looks like. An ecosystem is like a city. There are different sectors and departments that support the sustainability of that ecosystem. When you visit the official websites and social media platforms within the NEAR ecosystem, you are like having a tour in a city, or in this case, uNEARversity.

I myself was overwhelmed by technology before. But with NEAR, I can say that I have a measure of understanding of what this seemingly-esoteric notion of crypto and blockchain all about. True, you cannot wrap your head around blockchain overnight. It requires time. It takes time. If you want to study economics, it requires a bachelor’s degree. Well, you can have a crash course. But certainly you cannot have a measure of understanding in one night.

But blockchain and crypto is not just any major or subject in a university. This is the future. If you want to be still relevant a few years down the road, or if you even want to “profit” from the importance of crypto and blockchain, start your educaChain now. Immerse yourself in the blockchain culture.

If you are an interactive type, join us on our Telegram group, Facebook group, and follow us on our social media channels. While this is not just limited to Filipinos, if you are a Filipino, you can especially gain insights by joining us with NEAR Philippines. You can chat and ask questions in our Telegram group.

They are your blockchain education classmates. The feeling of togetherness can make your blockchain journey smoother, more encouraging. Even the pioNEARS of NEAR in the Philippines are still educating themselves on the latest. You see, even Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, still cannot tell other applications of blockchain.

How much more so the common peeps like us. Being up to speed with blockchain not only reassures us, we can even explore other income opportunities that this technology affords us. Please take a look at the resources that have been given above. Or you can just continue staying tuned with us here on Medium for more information. Oh, before I forget, we also do translations. So if English intimidates you, we have Taglish contents on this official Medium channel.

This content is brought to you by NEAR Protocol, the future of blockchain and crypto.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/@icsa-833425?utm_content=attributionCopyText&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pexels

To educate yourself on the opportunities from blockchain, follow and join us on:

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