Why is Metapool a Blessing in The NEAR Ecosystem?

Well, it’s because They drive growth and recycling within the ecosystem. Of all the more than one million wallets on NEAR Protocol, There are hundreds of thousands of NEAR coins just sitting in NEAR wallets.

Now we can compare this with a car. If you don’t use the car, it gets rusty, the oil gets coagulated, so to speak. Remember the saying use it or lose it? It means that if you don’t use something, you will lose it.

It’s like muscle. If you don’t use your muscle, it shrinks. It gets weakened. But if you use your muscle, you won’t lose it. In fact, you will gain more muscle. Especially this is true with your muscle car. If you have a vintage car built in the 70s, if you don’t use it and let it sit in the garage, then eventually it will disintegrate.

The same is true with Meta Pool. It lets wallet holders stake their NEARs so that the stakers earn more. It’s like a muscle fiber that gains 10% in mass per year. Imagine how fit you will look like when you keep on adding 10% of muscle mass every year. You would be very fit.

With Meta Pool, you would be financially fit. In turn, Metapool makes use of unused NEAR in the ecosystem to get the whole engine of the NEAR ecosystem oiled. This, in turn, makes NEAR Protocol a powerful machine as a blockchain network, pretty much like that muscle car.

It’s a win win scenario. That’s how much of a blessing Meta Pool is in the NEAR ecosystem.

Let us shout out about Meta Pool on our social media platform, so more and more people get fit, so to speak.

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