Without Further “IDO”

Have you ever wished that you are an owner of Steve Job’s Apple company? You can certainly take pride in telling your friends and families that you own a piece of a global brand such as Apple, the maker of the famous Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iMac. Well, you can do that now, because Apple is a publicly-traded company. That means that people can own a piece of a publicly-traded company or corporation. Tesla is a publicly-traded company; so are other big corporations — Walmart, Microsoft, Google, etc.

People still buy pieces of those public companies. However, people who buy now are in a disadvantaged place. This is because the price per share is already expensive. But those people who bought the shares earlier, many years ago when the corporations had just started selling the shares, those people who bought earlier got a better deal. They bought the shares at a lower, much lower, price. Now those low-price shares have not just doubled, tripled, quadrupled; sometimes the growth is several hundreds of percent.

Now Meta Pool is doing the same thing. Through its IDO on Skyward finance, Meta Pool is selling shares to people at a very low price. Think about it like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Early Bitcoin holders must have bought 1 Bitcoin for a dollar or even less than a dollar. Now, Bitcoin has reached an all-time high this year at more than 60,000 USD. That is 3 million pesos, my dear. Can you imagine yourself buying just a 50 peso worth of Bitcoin when it was still at a low price? Then imagine it becoming a 3,000,000 PHP. Now compute how many times it has grown.

So if you want to own a piece, or pieces, of Meta Pool before it skyrockets in price, you must act NOW! Go to Skyward and deposit your NEAR there. Remember that you are not the only one buying pieces of Meta Pool. There are countless others who are vying for the same, if not more, token pieces. After you have bought through Meta Pool’s IDO, you are going to look back and be grateful to yourself for having bought the tokens, much like Bitcoin, at such a very low price. Then, as Meta Pool becomes way much bigger than it is now, you can say with pride: I have my own Meta Pool with other investors.

Here is the portal: https://app.skyward.finance/

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