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MOVE Capital has Launched on NEAR Protocol

MOVE Capital has launched on NEAR Protocol with 100k $NEAR Seed Grant Funding from the NEAR Foundation to help develop the first-generation of products on NEAR Protocol. As the first NEAR Ecosystem Vehicle for funding new projects, MOVE Capital offers entrepreneurs and teams building on NEAR a special opportunity to expedite their projects’ development with funding, mentorship, and connections to larger sources of capital.

What is MOVE Capital?

MOVE Capital is an ecosystem-wide support fund managed by Rune Bentien of GooGuild, and Ozymandius from 4NTS Guild and advised by Fabric VC. Launching in early Q2 of 2021, it will eventually grow into a full-fledged ecosystem wide investment fund exclusively focused on NEAR Ecosystem projects. An initial submission form can be found here.

“MOVE Capital pioneers a new model for helping early ecosystem projects launch on NEAR Protocol. As the NEAR Ecosystem continues to grow at record speed, we look forward to supporting the future direction and development of MOVE Capital. With a host of new projects building on NEAR, Fabric will be actively involved through MOVE Capital in stewarding the next generation of Dapps and backing founders building the Open Economy.”

— Richard Muirhead

In its current form MOVE Capital provides the following services to prospective projects building on NEAR:

  • Fund: Up to 20k NEAR Investments in New Projects on NEAR Protocol.
  • Mentor: Bi-Monthly Review, Feedback and Guidance for projects focused on product development, strategy, and community building.
  • Facilitate: Ecosystem Integration and Connections for Project Needs Across Guilds, NEAR Team members and other Ecosystem projects.
  • Connect: Connect high-potential projects to Larger Funders and Crypto VCs for Seed and Series A funding as well as relevant industry players.

Future Development of the NEAR Ecosystem:

MOVE Capital is built to expedite project development on NEAR across the crypto-verse. Whether a project is a dApp, a protocol, or even a DAO, MOVE Capital is establishing the first ecosystem-wide processes from which a project can start from 0 and get to 100 in ten-times less than the normal project development time.

To Facilitate Long-Term Funding: MOVE Capital establishes a process for a project to get funded from scratch, connected to a larger NEAR-wide VC network, and funded for the long term.

To Facilitate Ecosystem Wide-Engagement: MOVE Capital funds all types of projects building on NEAR Protocol — founders from anywhere in the world and of any background are encouraged to submit their project for consideration.

Creating Large Scale Network Effects and Positive Feedback Loops Across The NEAR Ecosystem.

With the rapid development of the crypto-verse, a host of new dApps, protocols, infrastructure, and business models await creation on NEAR Protocol. Speed, a ‘Win and Help Win’ mindset, and attentiveness to the larger industry is key for success.

Beyond equipping the next-generation of crypto-entrepreneurs on NEAR, MOVE Capital is focused on pioneering new collaborative mechanisms, positive feedback loops, and ongoing network effects for NEAR protocol as a whole. In short, MOVE Capital intends to create a sustainable and replicable process for new projects to not only get funded, but to also position themselves to receive long-term support from across the NEAR ecosystem.

To submit a project, prospective founders can start by completing the preliminary form, or contact one of the founders of MOVE Capital. To support MOVE Capital by co-invest, donate to us, or discuss projects that are worth paying attention to, you can contact MOVE at



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