Announcing the Launch of Pagoda, the World’s First Web3 Startup Platform

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4 min readFeb 19, 2022
Pagoda is here.

At ETHDenver 2022, a top blockchain conference and hackathon, we proudly announced the launch of Pagoda: the world’s first Web3 startup platform. The Pagoda vision is to empower developers with a fully Web3-native toolset for building, maintaining, and scaling blockchain-based startups.

Open Source, Integrated: Open Services for Developer-Entrepreneurs

In the first seven years of smart contract blockchains, building out across the Web3 tech stack has made it easier to build blockchain-based products and services. But even as the time from idea to working prototype has shortened with improved tooling, it’s still painful for engineers to monitor and maintain those prototypes and mature them into efficient, growth-ready businesses.

Enter Pagoda, the first integrated Web3 startup platform and end-to-end solution for developer-entrepreneurs.

The blockchain ecosystem still largely relies on many Web2 tools — especially the tools required to monitor an app’s performance and to track adoption and growth. These aren’t designed to work with Web3 products and come with all the platform risks that Web3 seeks to avoid. Every service we use now in Web2 needs to be rebuilt to integrate with Web3, to support the principles of users owning their own data and blockchain-based accounts.

Pagoda’s objective is to offer Web3 native, fully decentralized versions of these tools at every layer of the stack, from the base blockchain protocol all the way up to the application and marketing/distribution layers. The NEAR ecosystem consists of many open source projects that can be integrated as “open services”: a familiar, cohesive development experience on top of a decentralized toolset. By providing interactive tutorials, scalable infrastructure, and operational analytics that are truly Web3 native, Pagoda better integrates them into one simple interface.

Growing the NEAR Ecosystem: the Best Choice for Founders

Beginning in 2018, NEAR Inc’s original mandate was to build the NEAR Protocol and launch MainNet, which we did in October 2020. From there, we focused on maintaining and evolving the protocol — notably with the launch of sharding, which started in late 2021 — and improving the developer experience.

Now we are a team of 70+ members across 20 countries. Pagoda will continue to contribute to the development of the NEAR ecosystem, as Near Inc did, by building and maintaining the protocol, SDKs, and APIs, while building out more tools and services at every layer of the stack.

The core Pagoda product is the Developer Console.

Integrating the Web3 Stack: Pagoda Developer Console

The Pagoda Developer Console integrates open source, Web3-native tools across the entire stack, making it easier than ever for developer-entrepreneurs to build, maintain, and scale blockchain-based businesses.

The transition from developer to entrepreneur happens faster in Web3, and it’s getting easier all the time to launch a product. Actually scaling that product requires not just developer tools, but a whole range of tools to support and grow post-launch — all of these are integrated in the Developer Console. This includes a DAO to manage upgrades to applications, deep on-chain analytics, and even triggers and alarms in case of unexpected events. Connecting to users directly becomes even more important as a Web3 product grows, so founders also need easy ways to launch ownership tokens, NFTs for marketing, and notifications for simple communication with users. All of these tools need to be Web3-native from the ground up and seamlessly integrated in a single experience: this is the vision for founders on Pagoda.

As the NEAR Ecosystem expands and more tools are created, Pagoda will continuously integrate them into the product stack. It’s still early days for the Developer Console, but we encourage all developer-entrepreneurs to try it out and explore the future of Web3 startups.

Try the Pagoda Developer Console Today

To start exploring the Developer Console and sign up for news and updates from Pagoda, visit and follow on Twitter at @PagodaPlatform.

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