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Blogchain Opens Its Codebase On GitHub

A Platform For Independent Writers

Blogchain is a NEAR-native Web3 publishing platform created for independent writers. Its mission is to protect freedom of
speech by providing an independent platform where writers can express themselves without fear of unfair moderation, censorship.

By leveraging the principles of blockchain technology and Web3, the platform is providing an autonomous, privacy-conscious, and censorship-resilient space for content creators and their readers, who can access to authentic undiluted unbiased by proprietary ad-centric algorithms.

Importantly, Blogchain is also the first publishing platform that truly empowers writers to publish and get paid on Web3 while remaining true to their principles.

Blogchain Opens Its GitHub Codebase

Since its launch in June, Blogchain has seen an amazing increase in its daily active users with its numbers more than doubling between the end of June and the end of August, registering a 109% increase.

While the platform is attracting more writers, the Blogchain team continues to work on important upgrades to deliver more transparency and resilience. To this end, Blogchain has now open sourced the Blogchain codebase on GitHub to allow users to view what goes on behind the scenes and how the platform operates; you can find more info here. This is an important achievement that as the founder Nadim Kobeissi stresses, “will allow us to promote freer and more open discourse on the internet”.

Coming Next

Blogchain in soon going to launch a series of initiatives to solicit specialist commentaries, analysis, and opinions on contemporary hot topics, from geopolitics to Big Tech, and more. Follow Blogchain on Twitter and check out their app for more information.

About NEAR Protocol

NEAR is a dynamically sharded Proof-of-Stake, carbon-neutral blockchain built for usability and scalability. NEAR combines the power of both PoS and sharding in a technology called Nightshade, making the chain infinitely scalable without compromising security and decentralisation.


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