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Human Guild was founded in early 2021 and aims at creating strong crypto communities, onboarding newcomers, and carrying out a gaming revolution.

The guild was launched by Aliaksandr (Sasha) Hudzilin and Vlad Grichina, two NEAR core team members with a mission: Allowing people to earn what they need in order to do what they love.

“Everybody should be able to earn by doing what they love. The mission is to help people getting paid in crypto and getting involved in the online economy.” -Sasha

Sasha and Vlad have been involved with NEAR since 2018 and have been engaged in the first building of the NEAR ecosystem. Being very involved with gaming communities, they soon realised that the biggest challenges to onboard gamers in crypto were slow, expensive transactions, end usability, and poor development experience.

Since then, NEAR has built the most scalable developer and user friendly blockchain architecture, effectively becoming the perfect home for gamers. And now, Human Guild is here to help gamers get started in Web3.

“It was very difficult to be a gaming blockchain until 2020, with the lockdown, however, more people got involved with XInfinity, Cryptoblades, Darkforces. The time is now ripe to keep attracting more people to the crypto space.” -Sasha.

Building The Next Generation Of Web3 Games

Human Guild mission on their website.

Since its launch, Human Guild has managed to involve over 2400 people, proving that the interest for Web3 native games is growing. The ecosystem is booming with new initiatives and Human Guild is here to guide them towards success.

“We do not want to fit old games into new models, we want to create new kinds of games and explore what the possibilities of gaming are in Web3.” -Sasha

Concretely, Human Guild helps people to launch mainnet, to develop and improve their products, support community building, and actively promote a “win and help win” culture.

“We provide people support through the various steps: starting the concept of the game, designing economic upside for the community to get involved, DAO creation, bootstrap community engagement, consider foundries, share initial MVP with the community, and involve influencers. We know that Web3 can be difficult to navigate at first so we want to make sure that people are not discouraged and can get the best out of this space”.


Human Guild does not only help newcomers to realise their projects and discover the possibilities that Web3 offers. It also engages in onboarding and creation of communities both online and offline.

“We want to create online and offline communities. We want to grow the amount of people involved in crypto by attracting the crypto curious and engaging them in conversations. The offline community meeting has attracted 60 people so far in San Francisco last week but we are planning to replicate that in other cities as well”. -Sasha

Human Guild wants to create opportunities for discussions and stimulate curiosity– not only for those that are already involved in the space but also beyond. It thus tries to establish stronger communities by also using a face-to-face approach which facilitates bonding and fosters an environment of trust.

A Snapshot Into The Future of Web3 Gaming

Human Guild is currently working on thirty-five apps that are going to launch their projects in the next months. Already in the first half of 2021 we will see many new games coming up such as: Marble Place, Near Lands, OP Games, Hash Rush, and MTVRS. These games are just some of the most original projects that are building on NEAR and that are pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming.

Marble Place

Marble Place is the first virtual world being built on NEAR and is going to be a source of inspiration for many indie game developers. It will be conducting several game jams and keep producing solid user experiences.

Near Lands

Near Lands will be the second virtual world game on NEAR and it will support a multi-player system, audio chat support, and dungeons.

OP Games

OP Games is a platform for indie game developers that adds p2p tournaments to casual games, NFTs, and play-to-earn models.

Hash Rush

Hash Rush is the most complex game being built on NEAR. Best described as a mix between DOTA and Warcraft, it is considered to be the best game in the blockchain space and is expected to reach over 80K gamers this year.


MTVRS is a game studio with multiple titles that is establishing itself as the first hub of Web3 games. The innovative side of MTVRS is that games are inter-connected and there is interoperability between characters too. The first game released by MTVRS was Metamon, but many others are coming soon such as Arcane Tarot and Rare Politics.

What’s Coming?

The past year has been a year of great achievements for the Human Guild. Its community has grown and many projects are now coming to fruition. In the next six months the Human Guild will see Unity and Godot integrations complete, the launch of several online games ( Hash Rush, Crypto Hero, Drawfalls, and more), and will get ready to open up the market for Web2 game developers in the coming year.

To get involved or get access to updates visit their Website, Twitter: @HumanGuild, and Discord Channel.



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