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Comics Meet NFTs on Paras’ Newest Platform

NEAR X Paras

After launching its NFT marketplace on the NEAR blockchain, the Indonesia-based Paras is now debuting a one-stop crypto-native shop for comics readers, authors, artists, and collectors to connect.

Called Paras Comic, the new platform is aiming to become a hub for the global comics community by harnessing NFT technology.

“We want to produce and develop crypto-native IP as we believe that by creating new exclusive IPs, we could tailor and design new experiences of these mediums: comics, games, and toys,” says Paras’ Andini, the community manager.

“Giving utility and use cases over digital assets could create more value to collectors and creators. In the end, we would like to build our own metaverse where Paras becomes the gateway to access multiple sources of entertainment.”

To celebrate the launch of Paras Comic, the project is publishing its first comic, PARADIGM, which tells the story of a characters’ risky adventure in desolate and sequestered lands. The first three chapters are free, and can be read here. The fourth and fifth chapters are available for 0.3 $NEAR.

Shortly after that, another comic was published called Bob Boom! Released on November 12 at 6am CST, Bob Boom! tells the journey of Bob Boom!, the bounty hunter and his team as they explore their world discovering new lifeforms. Bob Boom! offers limited covers and can be purchased from between 0.3–30 $NEAR.

Turn Your Comics into NFTs

This new platform, built on NEAR’s super fast and low-fee Proof-of-Stake platform, gives comics creators the toolkit to easily mint their stories on Paras Comic. All new comic intellectual property (IP) will be exclusive to the Paras NFT marketplace.

Comics creators alone set the number of NFT comics and their price. Paras Comic will curate and highlight the newest comics and the latest editions and chapters of existing titles.

Buy and Collect NFT Comics & Collectibles

To read a Paras Comic, readers must set up a NEAR Wallet and have some $NEAR coin. To create a NEAR Wallet, visit To buy $NEAR, you can purchase it through OkCoin and Binance. Some countries, however, may require the use of a local exchange beforehand.

To buy a comic, readers simply purchase the NFT on the Paras Comic platform. NFT comics collectibles will also be available for purchase on the marketplace.

All NFT comics and collectibles are transferable — meaning, you can transfer them to another token holder for a predetermined amount of tokens.

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