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Discovol: Discovering and Sharing Health Information Made Easy

Octopus Showcase Day 2021

Discovol Value Proposition: Making Access to Reliable Health Information Easy

When it comes to health, the internet is the first tool that people resort to in order to decide the first approach to their issue, or simply satisfy their curiosity. It is a great place to find all kinds of information and opinions on a wide range of topics, and it provides guidance and value to those interested in making informed decisions. However, it is also a place where trustable information gets lost or buried by the incredible amount of content, making it difficult for users to find what they are looking for.

“From the perspective of community members, is a decentralized autonomous co-op, which shares the mission of discovering and propagating science-based, high value health information across the internet. From the perspective of users, Discovol DAPP is an efficient service tool to discover and apply science-based health content, to predict personalized health risk, and to find a reference closely related to their own health concerns. From the perspective of a life science researcher, Discovol is an invaluable online treasury to maintain the most valuable health content, algorithm, and life data perpetually”.


Discovol’s aim is to contribute to the sharing of science-based health knowledge across the internet to help people in the arduous task of making informed decisions about their life-styles and health. But it’s aim does not stop there, Discovol also helps researchers get access to valuable information for conducting their research.

The Market for Non-Medical Healthcare is Growing and so is the Need for Reliable Sources of Health-Related Information.

The market for non-medical healthcare is growing and by 2024 its market size will be over $3 trillion in China alone. Personalized product and service recommendation based on consumer health data is an important part of this and it constitutes a great opportunity to tap into.

“It is estimated that by 2023, the number of practitioners in the social e-commerce market will reach 330 million. And over 40% of health products and services will be achieved by direct selling and social e-commerce groups”

-iResearch, 2021.

Marketers of health products and services are expected to be the most active users and participants in community activities of discovery and propagation. While publishers of health information are expected to be the main incentive providers. A project like Discovol can provide incredible value to these two categories and to consumers as well.

How Does Discovol Deliver Its Value?

As all protocols Discovol has its own token, $DISCO, a non-monetized functional token of Discovol community that functions as a record of stakeholders’ contribution and a medium of exchange with other members.

Discovol Appchain & Smart Contract

Discovol community autonomous collaboration is supported by a set of decentralized tech facilities, crypto protocols and open source tools. For appropriate security protection of the community activities and more flexible upgrade room, Discovol developed a separate application chain based on Substrate framework.

Discovol Roadmap



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