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GetBlock Adds Support For NEAR Nodes & Launches Blockchain Explorer

After being awarded an ecosystem grant by the NEAR Foundation at the start of 2022, GetBlock has announced the launch of a NEAR blockchain explorer in addition to adding support for NEAR nodes to the list of its services.

GetBlock is a reliable and robust blockchain service provider, it offers a wide range of products including fast access to over 40 leading networks. GetBlock works with top-class projects, such as Sender Wallet and NearPay. The blockchain service provider has also integrated with HERE Wallet, a mobile wallet for NEAR Protocol. With the help of GetBlock’s infrastructure, users from the NEAR ecosystem are now able to access transaction data in a truly seamless way.

NEAR Protocol utilizes a unique sharding mechanism with parallel node validators, which helps boost the performance and scalability of the network to its highest level. However, the process of running your own node requires a high level of specialized knowledge, programming skills, and enough funds to maintain the proper operating state of your node.

Getblock helps developers save time and money by letting creators focus on actual product development, instead of wasting time on building self-hosted nodes. This means running nodes with GetBlock is an ideal service for blockchain professionals looking for ways to unlock the full potential of the NEAR Protocol’s possibilities

GetBlock customers can choose between shared and dedicated nodes, as well as place a specific request for NEAR node clusters.

  • NEAR shared nodes are the ideal solution for anyone wishing to test the waters in blockchain development. Clients are given access to peer-shared node infrastructure, which could be beneficial during the early-stage web3 development.
  • NEAR dedicated nodes provide higher scalability, as they are privately designed according to each client’s requirements. GetBlock customers are able to utilize various node server locations, JSON-RPC API Interface, an unlimited number of requests, archive nodes access, etc. via the platform’s superior infrastructure.
  • NEAR node clusters are designed to specifically handle great volumes of workload and show unmatched uptime levels, enabling GetBlock clients to reach top scalability for their NEAR Protocol-based products.

By using GetBlock, you receive near-instant access to NEAR Protocol’s powerful API. In this way, GetBlock completely eliminates the limitations between developers and the blockchain.

As a result of a productive partnership, GetBlock launched its much anticipated NEAR blockchain explorer in July, 2022. Via the explorer, clients can get hold of the latest basic on-chain information (i.e., transaction details, account balance, block number) and advanced data (e.g., staking, validator details, etc.) regarding NEAR Protocol. Be sure to check the explorer out here!

Launched in 2020, GetBlock is a reliable and robust node infrastructure provider that offers fast access to over 40 leading networks. Getblock is working with top-class projects within the NEAR ecosystem, and the service provider is looking to collaborate with more cutting-edge projects in the future.
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