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Lisbon, Portugal — Over 2,000 members of the NEAR community have gathered at the stunning and vibrant city of Lisbon in celebration of NEARCON 2022, the flagship event of the ecosystem’s most impressive achievements and cutting-edge technological developments. During the three days, NEARCON sees countless new announcements, and acts as an interactive showcase of the ecosystem’s builders, developers, talent, and enthusiasts.

Attending NEARCON, we take a look at the diverse range of booths, events, and people coming together to ‘build beyond the hype.’

Building the Foundations of a Crypto-Native World

Aurora Labs,, Fireblocks, and Infura engaged in a conversation about laying out the foundations for a crypto-native future. Their respective representatives, Alex Shevchenko, Andriy Velykyy, Alexandre Chessé, and Michael Wuehler discussed the solutions they have been developing and shared their vision on how to bring crypto ever closer to people.

Navigating Crypto’s Cycles

NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament conducted an interview with Messari Founder Ryan Selkis to discuss navigating the crypto cycles we find ourselves in. The talk delved into some of the pressing issues Web3 faces, including compliance and regulation around stablecoins, Layer-1 blockchains, and DeFi. Marieke’s interview covered the current state of the market and institutional transparency, as she got to the bottom of what needs to change for NEAR to flourish.

India & Vietnam Regional Hubs

The NEAR Foundation also announced that it is launching new regional hubs in India and Vietnam, dedicated to empowering blockchain talent and innovation. The expansion marks a strong commitment from NEAR to invest in countries that are home to some of the world’s most talented and coveted developers and Web3 creators.

Regional hubs play a vital role in onboarding users into the NEAR ecosystem and help build a multi-chain, open web future, along with fostering local community engagement.

Breaking Up the Studios: How Web3 Is Disrupting Hollywood

Austin Worrell & Daril Fannin from, gave an inspiring presentation on the future of cinema and the new frontier Web3 opens up for artists and their communities. The Kino model is based on the principles of fairness, full ownership, and empowering artists and their communities to develop strong ties. By doing so, Web3 is reimagining a new way of producing movies, with creativity and diversity fully unleashed.



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