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Multi-Rewards Farming Program now LIVE on Ref Finance!

September has been a busy month, with exciting milestones reached as mentioned on the September Recap.

Despite a busy September, the team has been working day and night to ensure that we meet our own commitments to the REF and NEAR community. We are on-track to ensure that for October we will meet all our milestones, one of which we are proud to share with you today!

We are excited to launch our Multi-Rewards Farm! This was the first of our milestones this month and our Multi-Rewards Farm is now LIVE! Please go through the details below to learn more about this new program and how to participate.

Understanding the Multi-Rewards Farming Program

Our unique Multi-Rewards Farming Program is a new variant of yield farming or liquidity mining whereby Ref Finance will partner with different projects, and allocate a portion of the partner project’s native token towards incentivizing yield farmers. It is a farming method that will allow users to earn a partner token as well as $REF tokens.

In the first installment of the Multi-Rewards Farming Program, we have partnered up with Paras, and they have allocated a portion of their native token $PARAS towards incentivizing communities of both the projects.

In the future, new partners shall be added and Ref Finance farmers shall have more reward options to choose from, while they continue to receive $REF tokens as farming rewards.

Where and when is it going live?

The first version of the Multi-Rewards Farming Program went live at 12:00H UTC, on October 7th, 2021 on the Ref Farming dApp. Users will be able to stake LP into the REF<>NEAR and PARAS<>NEAR pool, and receive both $PARAS and $REF as rewards!

Details of Rewards

  • 255,728 $PARAS tokens shall be distributed to LP providers of the REF<>NEAR and PARAS<>NEAR pools during this session, on top of the existing $REF rewards
  • Current farming cycle has been set at 60 Days.
  • Reward APR will be updated on a real time basis on the dashboard.

Join the QnA

Join us in our QnA on the Ref Finance Multi-Rewards Farming!

There will be rewards for lucky participants!

Partner details

About Paras

Paras is a digital art card marketplace built on blockchain technology that offers true ownership and digital scarcity. Paras uses NEAR cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange between creators and collectors to support cross border transactions.

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About Ref Finance

Built on top of a leading edge protocol in NEAR, REF Finance acts as the gateway into the entire ecosystem through its AMM, which provides liquidity and swapping features for all decentralized application launching on NEAR. To do this, REF implements the renowned Rainbow Bridge which seamlessly bridges Ethereum based assets over to NEAR, thus bringing access for an array of DeFi users to lower fees and faster transaction speeds.

Make sure you are following us on Twitter for the latest news and announcements, and join our Discord or Telegram for deeper levels of engagement with our Team and Community.



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