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NEAR Academy Calls for Community Contributors

NEAR Academy is currently the most simple and quick entry point for Web developers into crypto. The course it offers was specifically designed to provide an easy transition to developers coming from a Web2 reality to get started on NEAR and begin their journey on the path of innovation.

NEAR Academy is completely open-source, from the graphics to the contract and backend. This guarantees a continuous improvement of the material as well as the quality of the content. NEAR Academy thrives thanks to community contributors; it thus welcomes them and rewards them for their dedication and work.

Who Can Become a Contributor and How They Can Get Involved?

NEAR Academy does not discriminate against possible contributors and accepts everyone that wishes to get involved. There are currently two areas that contributors can work on based on their skills and experience. One area deals with the material of the course from a less technical perspective, another instead deals with contracts and explaining how they are working from a technical point of view.

The benefits of NEAR Academy from their website. Join NEAR Academy as a contributor and earn $NEAR!

No technical background is required in order to become a contributor, only a clear vision of the content to create is required:

To get involved on the Github, please check:

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