NEAR August Town Hall Featuring The Pioneers of The New Creator Economy

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Aug 30 · 6 min read

The last NEAR Town Hall featured Sasha Hudzilin from Human Guild, Riqui from Paras Digital, and Jonathan Dunlap from Mintgate, a group of pioneers of the new creator economy. In their presentation they have touched upon gaming, community building, the future of NFTs and much more.

The town hall kicked out Sasha’s presentation on the future of gaming on NEAR and the objectives that Human Guild is pursuing. It was followed by Riqui’s presentation focused on highlighting the major updates from Paras such as the new Automatic Marketplace, new partnerships and more. Lastly, Jonathan from MintGate presented on new use cases for NFTs and the future of the creator economy.

Human Guild Is Building The Next Generation of Web3 Games

The Human Guild is a project that aims at creating strong crypto communities, onboarding newcomers, and carrying out a gaming revolution.

“Human guild is about bringing more people into crypto and allowing them to earn by doing what they like most. We think that this is the best approach to help people and the economy to flourish. Everybody should be able to earn by doing what they love. The mission is to help people getting paid in crypto and getting involved in the online economy”. -Sasha

What the Human Guild does concretely is to help people launch their projects on the mainnet, help their community earn and support them through the process of product improvement.

Human guild wants to attract more people to the crypto space and allow them to earn by doing what they love. This will lead to innovative projects being created, projects that will explore the possibilities opened up by Web3.

“We do not want to fit old games into new models, we want to create new kinds of games and explore what the possibilities of gaming are in Web3.”-Sasha

Over 20 projects are currently being built and supported by the Human Guild that will kickstart a new wave of Web3 native games.

Pixel Dapps is one of the many partnerships Human Guild in its mission to develop the Web3 gaming space. (Image from @zangart90 on Twitter)

The past year has been a year of great achievements for the Human Guild. Its community has grown and many projects are now coming to fruition. In the next six months the Human Guild will see Unity and Godot integrations complete, the launch of several online games (such as HashRush, Crypto Hero, Drawfalls and more) and will get ready to open up the market for Web2 game developers in the coming year.

To get involved or get access to updates visit their Website, Twitter: @Human Guild, and Discord Channel.

Expanding The Endgame of NFTs With Paras Digital

Paras is expanding as the NFT space expands. Its latest initiative is in gaming. (Source)

NFTs started off from digital art but the playing field is quickly expanding to games, films, comics and will soon reach other areas as well.

“I believe we are still at the tip of the iceberg, there is more for us to discover. And even in the next months we will see big changes in the NFT sector. In 2021 we have seen huge sales with big price tags but this is not going to be the standard of NFR launches in the future. Projects are going to be built from 0 and then, with community expansion their value is going to grow.” -Riqui

Communities are going to be at the basis of the NFT market, creators will only be alone in creating value, but the value of their creations is going to grow together with their community.

The next trend in the sector that Riqi anticipates are crypto native IPs, something that Paras is getting ready for.

“Paras is working with Human Guild for gaming and with Mintgate for NFT unlockables for content creators. Crypto-native IPs will enable crypto projects to become sustainable and access to a stream of revenues thanks to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.” -Riqi

A major selling point from Riqi at Paras with their Human Guild partnership. Start building your crypto-native IP with help from Paras and Human Guild.

Paras is also working to open a marketplace, wallet integration and unlockable content in the next months and launch a new product: “Comics by Paras” a Web3 comic platform where you can own your digital comics.

Paras is expanding into digital comics (Video link)

With “Pillars”, a fantasy, sci-fi comic inspired by the “Pillars of Paras” collection, Paras is also setting a benchmark for the future of comics.

“The comic and its integration to NFTs will be the early standard for any comic to come. Our vision is to go beyond digital comics: all Paras comics will be published with NFT tech and smart contract capabilities to open up interaction between readers, fans, and authors which improves the whole comic reading experience.” -Riqi

In the near future there will be a lot more NFT projects that will go beyond digital art that will build on top of NFT technology that will enable a better user experience. To stay tuned with Paras Updates join their Telegram group or check their Website.

Introducing MintGate A New Paradigm For Digital Content

Value proposition of Mintgate (source)

Jonathan from Mintgate unveiled more use cases of NFT technology; use cases that empower creators and their communities.

“MintGate is a platform designed to make token protecting content easier and accessible to anyone.” -Jonathan

What MintGate allows is to unlock the value of content and communities through Token Protected Pages that enables the generation of links that only token holders can visit. The TPP makes it possible for users to create private links on any platform and to manage the link with their token, basically turning NFTs into tickets to access specific content.

There are many different content types that MintGate supports among which PDFs, 4K UHD movies, podcasts, music, audiobooks, websites, and digital downloads. The use of TPP does not only revolutionise the way in which we access content on platforms but also reinvents paywalls.

“What MintGate allows is to become the owner of your own content and to monetise your content in a completely different way, namely, through NFT royalties.” -Jonathan

Mintgate is at the cutting edge of applied NFT solutions.

What this new system unlocks is also community empowerment through participation incentives and ownership.

“The orbit model is a way of articulating a community and people involved based on the different types of users and their gravity towards the creation of value within that community. The center of gravity will be the creation of creative content coming from this DAO or community, and you have different types of users from advocates to contributors, participants, and observers. With NFT access passes you can now create a model in which these different types of users become part of how you monetise and create and ultimately how you distribute the value.” -Jonathan

MintGate has started new partnerships with MintBase, Satori and OWC to work on additional projects and use cases. And in the next months they will complete their API documentation and examples, have Token Gated livestreams and more.

To follow MintGate’s work and news check their Website and follow them on Twitter.

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