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NEAR | CON Highlights, Talks & Videos

Missed NEAR|CON? We’ve got you covered. In this post we’ve got all the content from our two stages, as well as a whole host of awesome announcements.

Here’s a sizzle to get you started.

Announcements TL:DR

Only looking for the good stuff? There were a ton of awesome announcements that came out during our inaugural NEAR|CON. Here are the choicest cuts:

NEAR Highlights

Oh and did we mention we’re rolling out Simple Nightshade? The first step in our journey to a truly sharded blockchain? Yeah, we’re doing that, too.

Maksym Zavershynskyi, NEAR Inc’s head of engineering gives the details on Day 2, which you can find below.

Once you’ve caught your breath, here’s a snippet what happened in the NEAR ecosystem in and around NEAR|CON.

Ecosystem Highlights

Yeah, it was a lot. Want to get a birds-eye-view of NEAR’s ecosystem? HC Capital put together a snapshot to help showcase just how vibrant the community has become.

How about a tweet thread that looks at all the other amazing things that happened around NEAR|CON? We’ve got that too.

NEAR | CON Videos

These announcements are just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got all the talks, and discussions right here.

NEAR | CON Day 1 — Main Stage

Below is the feed from our main stage on Day 1. Here you’ll find talks from South Pole, NEAR Inc. CEO Illia Polosukhin, Aurora, Mintbase and more! We got time stamps for you if you want to jump into a specific talk:

  • 00:00 Day 1 Kick Off
  • 19:00 MC: Mildred Idada — Opening remarks: NEARCon kick off
  • 20:05 Yessin Schiegg & Wouter Crul — NEAR, the Carbon Neutral Protocol
  • 34:15 Frederick Fournier — Open Forest Protocol — Bridging Climate and Blockchain
  • 45:15 Illia Polosukhin — Near Inc. — Keynote: The World Reimagined
  • 1:30:15 James Young & Caleb Gates — Colabland — WeFi -Communities x Media x DAOs (VIDEO)
  • 1:42:00 Break
  • 3:37:00 Mildred Idada — OWC — Introduction of 2nd half day: Creatives and a Peak into the NEAR Ecosystem
  • 3:37:42 Peter De Paulo, Mally Andersen — Satori — Building crypto products for artists
  • 3:55:45 Ed Young — NFTs/Creatives — From Music To Politics — New Consumer Adoption
  • 4:14:18 Carolin Wend & Nate Geier — Mintbase — Pioneering the Utility Purposeful NFTs
  • 4:30:22 Alexander Dettke — Wilde Möhre GmbH — The festival is NEAR
  • 4:38:50 Jason Schadt (Vandal) — DAO Records — DAOifying the Music Industry
  • 4:56:15 Peter Salomonsen — Web Assembly Music — WebAssembly Music on NEAR
  • 5:21:50 Minting Music Guild
  • 5:36:56 Jordan Gray — Astro Launch — Astro on NEAR for Mainstream DAOs
  • 5:51:20 Kendall Cole — Proximity Labs/Ref — The State of NEAR’s DeFi Ecosystem
  • 6:18:04 Sasha Hudzilin — Human Guild — Future of Gaming

NEAR | CON Day 2— Main Stage

Here’s the video from Day 2 on the Main Stage. Tune for a keynote speech from NEAR Foundation CEO Erik Trautman, a detailed overview of NEAR’s sharding rollout, Open Web Sandbox, Aurora and a whole lot more.

Time stamps:

  • 00:00 Day 2 Kick Off
  • 16:53 MC: Ozymandius — Opening
  • 21:14 Josh Quintal — NEAR Inc — Developer Console — What’s New in Developer Tooling? Introducing Dev Console
  • 42:18 Sofia Kachula Vasilya Rafikova — Open Web Sandbox — Co-founder — OWS: Enabling NEAR community through decentralised leadership
  • 1:05:15 Erik Trautman — Near Foundation — CEO — Key Note
  • 1:43:44 MC: Matt Hussey
  • 1:47:32 Dr Steven Waterhouse — Fabric/NEAR — Fireside Chat with Erik
  • 3:11:18 Maksym Zavershynskyi — NEAR Inc — Sharding and Things to Come
  • 4:00:18 Adrian Brink — Anoma — Resilience, Sovereignty & Privacy to save the future
  • 4:23:20 Alex Shevchenko — Aurora — Token consistency: Solving the interconnected blockchains problem
  • 5:11:38 Ajit Tripathi & Marc Zeller — Aave — The path to deploying aave on NEAR
  • 5:33:53 Adam Fuller — The Graph — Indexing and querying layer of the decentralized web
  • 5:55:27 Lane Rettig and Illia — Fireside Chat — The worse (except for all the others): the promise and pitfalls
  • 6:39:24 Richard Muirhead (Fabric VC), Jake Brukham (CoinFund), David Gan ((OP Fund)), Erik Trautman (NEAR Foundation) — Panel: Web3 Founder’s Journey & QA
  • 7:35:33 Ending Remarks

About NEAR

NEAR is a high-performance blockchain that is designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable. NEAR’s vision is to create a network that enables people to re-imagine finance, creativity and community in new and inclusive ways.

NEAR is built by an award-winning team of engineers and entrepreneurs to be simple to use, inclusive and good for the environment. NEAR is backed by top VCs such as A16Z, Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Coinbase Ventures,, and Baidu Ventures.

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NEAR is the network for a world reimagined. Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, millions are empowered to invent and explore new experiences. Business, creativity, and community are being reimagined for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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NEAR is the network for a world reimagined. Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, millions are empowered to invent and explore new experiences.