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NFTs on NEAR: Where Will NFTs Go Next?

“Some say that physical art is not suitable for crypto — we disagree,” says Mašanović. “By educating the masses we’re trying to shorten the needed period of time for people to transfer feelings and attachments from the physical world to digital.”

Endemic offers both NFTs and physical redeemable art. There are no primary or secondary fees — only a fixed percentage of 2.5% from the buyer and 2.5% from the seller. Artists can also set royalties from 1 to 15%.

“Digital ownership is something that we’re going to face more and more, and the new generations are more aware of it. It’s more important to them and we’re going to see even more adaption than we had until now,” says Zuanić. “In every business, especially with marketplaces and NFTs, feedback is important and with social components, there is a two-way conversation all the time. Art can get feedback from customers, users, collectors, community and vice versa — it’s great for the quality of the art, for the quality of the community and the whole sphere.”

A Bright Future Ahead?

The NFT projects that are building on NEAR play vital roles in the ecosystem. Not only are they expanding use cases but they are also pushing these unique digital assets further into the mainstream.

Projects like Open Forest Project, Naksh Market, NEAR x Publish and Endemic are paving the way new and exciting NFT use cases. This will allow NFTs to go beyond art and collectibles into assets that can bring communities together and improve the world as we know it.

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