Participants of the NEAR Spring Pop-Up hackathon implement new ideas for Roketo streaming payments

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4 min readMay 20, 2022

On April 11 — May 16 we took part in NEAR Spring Pop-Up Hackathon as a challenge & streaming partner. The hackathon had eight fun challenges and $24 000 prize pool.

Roketo’s challenge was the last one and, according to some participants, the toughest one. This time, we decided to feature the product’s strongest side — our real-time payments.

The task was to apply Roketo for any pay-per-minute service such as video / music streaming, co-working, car parking, equipment rental, etc. The MVP of a service could work partially, but the payment had to work through Roketo based on our streaming smart contract. The goal of the challenge was to find new ways to use our technology in daily services. All participants were asked to make a video presentation where they explain their idea.

Our CTO Vasilisa Versus selected 11 winners who presented the most impressive projects. “My favorite project is the DAO Dashboard,” — Vasilisa shared. “This is a centralized management tool for DAOs that enables them to post job offerings, track tasks, and pay per work completion through Roketo. Although it doesn’t directly showcase real-time payments, it offers an elegant solution for a painful problem of siloed data that is real for the most of DAOs. The project is very well executed both from creative and technical side. This is an actual MVP with multiple use cases and a clear technical implementation through our smart contract.” We congratulate Luciferius#5917 with this achievement!

“My experience of participating in this hackathon was amazing and exhausting at the same time. In these 4 weeks I learned more than in the last years as a full-time software developer,” — Luciferus#5917 shared with us. “I came up with the idea of DAO Dashboard because I’m involved in a few DAOs myself and I have seen the pains when it comes to organizing a DAO. I wanted to create a tool that helps DAOs organize everything and the DAO members trusting the DAO, as the payment for instance is handled by a neutral smart contract. The challenge really helped explore the power of real-time payments. I was looking into a few other DApps with amazing ideas for real-time payments from salaries over rental services to subscription fees. There are so many applications for this — the list is endless.”

Another highly ranked project was a car rental solution by DenUminski that was quite thoroughly built with the use of the second smart contract. Even though the project was built during a very limited timeframe, it has a clean and simple UI and is ready to be used right away.

Other selected projects include a USD-BTC automated converter by aejaz, a gym pay-per-minute service by Horza21, a bed-and-breakfast pay-per-minute service by trpr, a payment service for mentoring by mhassanist, and even a Netflix streaming payment solution by leelorz.

“My experience with using the Roketo service was really smooth. Roketo’s smart contract is designed in a way that makes it easier for developers to understand it, use it, and create with it,” aejaz told us. “I brainstormed on how the Roketo service can be used in the DeFi space and came up with the idea of allowing web3 users to Dollar Cost Average into Bitcoin over a specified duration (in months) using Near token without hassle. I think real-time payments in web3 space is a crucial part of mass adoption as it simulates the real world payments but with more trust, transparency and control.”

We were also very curious to see new ideas about how streaming payments can be used in our daily life from other participants who didn’t make it to the final. For instance, one of the projects enabled restaurant visitors to pay per minute of their buffet time, and another featured a real estate marketplace where you pay for agent’s time to sell your house.

“After I finally completed challenge #8 I wanted to say ‘Thank you’. This hackathon was super challenging. I have never used React or Rust on blockchain before and was very excited to take part in it. I’ve learnt so much while completing the challenges that it was definitely worth the effort,” — one of the hackathon participants commented.

Organizers of the hackathon also made most out of the Roketo financial streaming to stream $25,000 of the prize pool in NEAR tokens to the participants. Participants received $3,000 for the first place, $2,500 for the second place, and $1,500 for the third place. All streams set in Roketo are completely transparent and anyone can see the the distribution of funds in real time with a public link.

For us this hackathon was a great inspiration to find many new ways of how real-time payments can be applied in our daily life and change the financial relationships in many areas. We would like to thank all participants for their creative approach to this task!




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