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Ref.Finance is Having It’s ONLY Public Token Sale on Skyward:

Here is what you need to know!

What is Ref.Finance?

Ref.Finance is the premier bluechip DeFi project of the NEAR ecosystem. Combining best practices built into the NEAR Protocol, with a value-focused design of the core platform, Ref.Finance is a stack of DeFi services and products built around a core AMM. With the launch of the $Ref Token on Skyward Finance, Ref is gearing up to offer competitive, affordable, and scalable DeFi services to the larger crypto-verse.

Ref.Finance Crypto-Economics: What We Know

While Ref is a community run initiative, there are some certainties about the Ref crypto economic model that have been outlined by the Core Ref Council. Specifically:

  • 60% Liquidity Incentives
  • 35% Treasury

What You Need To Know About The Skyward Sale?

As the Tweet Above suggests, it will be possible to purchase $Ref token in NEAR, DAI, and ETH from the SKYWARD Auction from July 26th to July 31st. Beyond this 2.5 million $REF offering, there will only be Ref released to strategic partners and early users — so don’t miss the Skyward offering!



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