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Ref.Finance is Having It’s ONLY Public Token Sale on Skyward:

Here is what you need to know!

In the coming week, the Ref Token will launch on Skyward Finance for an exclusive sale of 2.5% of its total supply (2,500,000 $Ref). As the only public sale of the Ref token, this is DeFi investors primary opportunity to get in before it publicly launches in the coming months!

What is Ref.Finance?

Ref.Finance is the premier bluechip DeFi project of the NEAR ecosystem. Combining best practices built into the NEAR Protocol, with a value-focused design of the core platform, Ref.Finance is a stack of DeFi services and products built around a core AMM. With the launch of the $Ref Token on Skyward Finance, Ref is gearing up to offer competitive, affordable, and scalable DeFi services to the larger crypto-verse.

Ref is developing at a time when DeFi is maturing and different L1 ecosystems are unfolding with their own suite of services and products. Ref holds a number of competitive advantages over similar products, but its most competitive offerings by far include its low-transaction fee model, built-in developer incentives, innovative liquidity pool design, existing interoperability with Ethereum via the Rainbow bridge, and decentralized governance through the Ref DAO. As Ref continues to develop more into the future, expect more products, crypto-economic innovation, community governance, and trading of tokens on the platform.

Ref.Finance Crypto-Economics: What We Know

While Ref is a community run initiative, there are some certainties about the Ref crypto economic model that have been outlined by the Core Ref Council. Specifically:

There will be 100 million $REF total supply, split:

  • 5% Airdrop
  • 60% Liquidity Incentives
  • 35% Treasury

It is from the 35% Treasury Fund that the Ref offering in the Skyward Sale is contained: 2.5% of the Ref Treasury is reserved for the SKYWARD sale, while remaining tokens from the treasury will be used for the Ref development fund, liquidity, and future community building activities.

What You Need To Know About The Skyward Sale?

As the Tweet Above suggests, it will be possible to purchase $Ref token in NEAR, DAI, and ETH from the SKYWARD Auction from July 26th to July 31st. Beyond this 2.5 million $REF offering, there will only be Ref released to strategic partners and early users — so don’t miss the Skyward offering!

Note: deposits in $NEAR are now officially open, and you can prepare to participate in the $Ref sale here.



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