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Roketo: Finance Streaming Made Easy

The crypto job market has witnessed tremendous growth in the past couple of years, a growth that does not seem to halt even in the midst of a bear market. Web3 companies continue to hire and attract talent to the space as new projects and initiatives continuously pop up.

In such a bustling environment, the ability to handle payments with full transparency and financial safety is something that brings great relief to employers and employees alike. By introducing a safe and effective tool for financial streaming, Roketo offers some peace of mind to businesses looking to automate their recurring payment processes.

The Future Of Payments: Streaming Crypto In Full Transparency And Ease

Roketo is a finance streaming protocol that implements token streaming technology to allow companies to rapidly and efficiently send cryptocurrency to anyone in the world. Emerging during the MetaBUIDL Hackathon in 2021 as a competition winner, the potential of the app to facilitate both business and individual financial transactions was clearly showcased. In 2022 Roketo released an updated dApp and successfully passed its first third-party audit by BlockSec, becoming an officially endorsed payroll and vesting solution. From paying employees to dropping tokens and sending startup investments, Roketo allows full control over transactions. This includes the ability to stop, start, and pause the stream of funds at any time.

Built on top of NEAR Protocol, Roketo distinguishes itself from other crypto payment services with its low transaction fees, low commission, complete transparency, and user-friendly interface. Using NEAR Protocol enables users to create hundreds of streams simultaneously and send assets in real time, all with commissions less than $1.

Ultimately, Roketo differentiates itself from other finance tracking platforms by changing the very nature of financial transactions. It allows the allocation of funds transparently over large periods of time, in a display of open trust and seamlessness. As the future of decentralized finance continues to evolve, Roketo is creating the standards when it comes to transparent exchanges. Easily integrable to any NEAR Protocol project, platform, or protocol, adoption is simple and efficient.

Functionalities And Use Cases

Roketo offers a set of key functionalities that can be integrated into a wide range of business models. With Roketo users have full flexibility when it comes to setting up a payment stream as senders can set the time for distribution, amount of funds, and the recipient wallet address while recipients can withdraw their funds as easily as they do with fiat, making Roketo a great tool for monthly payouts, but not only! Since Roketo allows to easily interrupt or pause payment streams it also positions itself as a great tool for businesses that implement subscription models and those that are providing fundings to other projects.

Roketo is also a great solution for conducting airdrops as it allows users to handle thousands of recipients in a transparent and fully controlled manner. In addition, Roketo allows users to continuously distribute tokens over long periods of time without dropping their value after the release. All the above features coupled with low fees make Roketo one of the cheapest, simplest, and effective airdrop solutions on the market.

Any business can benefit from Roketo and can integrate seamlessly thanks to Roketo’s top notch documentation and 100% open source SDK (coming soon).With Roketo, businesses can make their financial management smoother, easy to track and importantly, secure for all parties involved.

A Commitment To Development And Innovation

The community supporting Roketo’s growth and implementation include crypto enthusiasts and founders of tech startups. These two audiences in particular have the curiosity and mindset to join the frontier of new technology, allowing Roketo to identify new use cases and avenues of engagement.

“Participants of the hackathons constantly come up with new solutions based on the Roketo app in sustainable development, charity, and other areas. With their help we see the real pain points of the crypto community, the power of the NEAR ecosystem, and find new paths to develop our product.”-Olga Isaeva, Head of Business Development at Roketo

Roketo is committed to innovating its product and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Connecting with other Web3 players Roketo will play a key role in making Web3 mass adoption a reality.

About Roketo

Roketo is a finance streaming protocol that allows its users to handle paydays, startup investments, and community tokens in one place with full transparency and ease. At the same time Roketo allows Web3 developers to add streaming mechanics and create additional utility for their products and services.

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About NEAR Protocol

NEAR is a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer one blockchain that is built for usability and scalability. NEAR combines the power of both PoS and sharding in a technology called Nightshade, making the chain infinitely scalable without compromising security and decentralization.

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Written by: Cate Kelly
Edited by:
La Devochka



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