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YouMinter Genesis Sale Details and What We Have for You This Year

As an easy-to-use iOS and Android platform, YouMinter is opening the NFT world to the next millions of users. We break unnecessary entry barriers into Web3 by allowing any level of user from any part of the world to experience NFTs in three easy steps — download, sign up, and create!

As part of our initiative to create a unique experience that sets YouMinter apart from the industry’s noise, we launched the Genesis Sale on 19th January and will run until 30th January 2023. In the meantime, let’s bring you up to speed with what is going on.

Genesis Sale Details

The Genesis Sale is our first event of Q1 2023, and as the name spells it out, it marks the beginning of a new NFT world where users co-own their engagement platform and have equal voices on decisions that matter. The biggest item of the Genesis Sale is the CameraBox, the user’s key to unlocking all NFT features on YouMinter.

We brought the event before the upcoming Mainnet launch on 31st January to create a uniform experience for all users. Anyone can participate in the Genesis sale, and we will tell you how to do that shortly. In that spirit, we are thrilled to announce that the giveaway phase of the Genesis has just concluded, and we have the winners of the 50 NFT CameraBoxes. Check out our Twitter handle to see how it went down.

What Can You Do with Genesis NFT Cameras?

NFT Cameras will power all NFT-related activities within the YouMinter app. These are special tools that allow you to create and share NFT posts, as well as convert non-NFT posts into NFTs. All NFT Cameras are unique, but their rarity levels differ with the collection and several attributes. Users can always upgrade these attributes to add more value to their NFT Cameras.

While you can acquire the standard non-NFT Camera inside the app or mint it, the tools in the Genesis collection can only be acquired in the ongoing event, making them rarer and even more expensive in secondary marketplaces. Nonetheless, monetization is just a side benefit. The key benefits of owning the NFT Cameras inside the Genesis CameraBox include having the following:

  • Early access to the YouMinter platform after the official launch on Mainnet and all NFT features, including creating, receiving, and sending NFTs and upcoming upgrades;
  • Benefits in Earning System, which means more profitable conditions in Reward System for holders of Genesis NFT Cameras;
  • Common or Uncommon Cameras. It should be noted that you can find the Uncommon NFT Camera only from CameraBox;
  • CameraBoxes for a fixed price. It is during the Genesis Sale that CameraBoxes can be purchased at a fixed price on marketplaces.

How and Where to Get a CameraBox

The only way to acquire an NFT CameraBox in the Genesis Sale is by buying it at a fixed price or auction bid. Those looking forward to buying directly can visit Paras or Mintbase NFT marketplaces. For bidders, Boca Chica’s auction is the place to find your key to the boundless NFT world.

Here are the rounded-up steps for acquiring your CameraBox:

  • Follow the ongoing Genesis Sale on Paras, Mintbase, or Boca Chica;
  • Browse the Genesis Collection and collect as many pieces as you want;
  • Connect your NEAR wallet to log in;
  • Choose Buy or Place a bid, depending on the preferred acquisition mode;
  • Approve the purchase in your NEAR wallet;
  • Get the CameraBox in your NEAR wallet;
  • Log in with your NEAR wallet to YouMinter and launch your Genesis NFT once we go live on Mainnet.

It’s worth noting that all these marketplaces are our partners within the bigger NEAR ecosystem umbrella, and we share the same goal and vision of taking the NFT experience to the mainstream arena. That said, most features in the marketplaces can be best experienced if you’re connecting within the NEAR chain and ecosystem.

About YouMinter

YouMinter is a Web3 social network in an easy-to-use iOS and Android app with an NFT feed, followers, and likes that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and is owned by its users. By taking advantage of YouMinter, users can build their communities, follow bloggers and artists, and communicate with all of them in one single place and with the power of NFTs. Moreover, the more your community grows, the more project’s share you get. We call it Ownership Economy.

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