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Vorto Network Launches New Generation of Games That Merge NFTs and DAOs

Gaming continues to experience exponential growth worldwide, and NEAR is powering a new generation of games that merge NFTs and DAOs, unlocking meaningful rewards for the time players invest in virtual worlds.

Vorto Gaming is a leading blockchain gaming company that has set out to create an economy owned by the players, for the players. Its marketplace, Vorto Network, allows users to browse, buy, sell, and trade NFTs and in-game assets. It empowers players to monetize their time and attention to find, craft, and seamlessly generate NFT assets of in-game digital items.

Their model is simple: the more you play, the more you earn. This radical transformation in gameplay gives both power and control back to the players.

Hash Rush is the first title being launched on the Vorto Network. First developed in 2016, this real-time strategy game, where players establish Crypto Crystal mining colonies and play-to-earn as they mine, complete quests, and defeat enemies, received the Best Innovation Award at the 2018 GamesCom, Europe’s leading trade fair for digital games culture.

Hash Rush has since undergone a visual overhaul and will relaunch on the Vorto Network in Q1 2022. Available now, a limited number of Founder Bundles can be purchased on the Vorto Network. These three individual bundles each include limited NFTs for Hash Rush that give access to unique heroes unavailable elsewhere.

In addition to Carax, the Conjurer, Farion, the Crystal Shield, or Melighar, the Grand Sage, is an exclusive cosmetic skin for the Ernack workers, who mine crystals, build mines, defend your base, and defeat monsters in gameplay. A fourth bundle, The Triumvirate, combines all three hero NFTs and the additional skin.

The Vorto Network will operate on NEAR Protocol. Along with Hash Rush, Vorto is poised to bring NEAR’s capabilities to a broader gaming audience.

“NEAR provides a tried and tested technology that has been developed for wider community use and not for a single game or company IP alone,” says Vorto’s Chief Strategy Officer Warren Sample.

“It is robust, stable, and feature-rich. This means our development team has that toolbox as part of our arsenal from day one and we can customize our needs as additional layers.”

Using closed testnet chains, Vorto Gaming’s dev team is able to validate working mechanics quickly and safely prior to public launch. This workflow is an optimal fit for a continuous integration and delivery (CI&D) model, in addition to infrastructure scalability architecture on all the layers: for the blockchain, marketplace, and the games’ layers.

“Another aspect of selecting NEAR was not just technical — it was down to the broader business model. We needed to use technology that was not business prohibitive. We are learning a lot in our beta and will continue with agile iteration in our approach. NEAR helps us work in this style,” added Sample.

Vorto Network is shaping a new era of gaming where profitability is in the hands of the gamer. Starting this week, unique Founder Bundles & NFTs will be available to gamers and crypto enthusiasts across the globe on Vorto Network. Additionally, players can check out Hash Rush and join the 60,000+ users who have already signed up for a play test of Vorto Network’s inaugural title.

For more information on Vorto Gaming here.



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