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Welcome to the Guilded Age of NEAR Protocol

The Guilded Age of NEAR Protocol has officially begun! Today marks the seminal launch of SEVEN new NEAR Guilds that will be long-term ecosystem partners for the holistic development of the NEAR Ecosystem. Across service category, guild structure, and performance goals, these seven guilds are launching on NEAR Protocol to seed entirely new and innovative communities within the NEAR Ecosystem.

Check out the Guilds on

What Guilds Are Launching in this First Wave?

Seven Guilds are launching in this first epoch of the Guilded Age. From trading and product analysis, to free development support, to memes and shilling, to geographical outreach - these guilds are establishing themselves as core pillars of the NEAR Ecosystem for the long-term future. Click on the titles to read an introductory blog for each Guild.

The Merchants of NEAR

A macro, technical, and fundamental analysis trading guild for crypto-natives and Tradefi fans alike. From macro level overviews of the rapidly developing crypto space, to insight and analysis on $NEAR charts, to fundamental analysis of NEAR Ecosystem projects, the Merchants of NEAR is the home for all trading, valuation, and investing interest in the NEAR Ecosystem. Check out their website.

Inc4 Guild

80 Hours of Free Development Support per week for any NEAR Ecosystem Project. Yes, you heard that right: Inc4 Guild offers rapid development and deployment of a suite of tools, dapps, marketplaces, and other technical needs that different projects or Guilds might need across the ecosystem! To submit a request check out their website.

Note: Due to expected high demand, Inc4 Guild will not be able to accommodate all requests.

The Sandbox Guild

What was once the child of 4NTS Guild, now spins-off to become a Guild of its own. The Sandbox is re-launching as a fully independent, community run Guild interested in building out and supporting NEAR Contributors, Future Guild Leaders, and projects within the ecosystem. To learn more about the Open Web Sandbox check them out on Discord.

The Silicon Craftsmen

Understanding products, how they work, and what makes them unique is a long-standing tradition that the Silicon Craftsmen bring to the NEAR Ecosystem. From product deep-dives, to whiteboard sessions, to video tutorials and demos of all of the most cutting-edge and exciting NEAR related content, the Silicon Craftsmen are positioned to introduce the next generation of both new and crypto-native users to the host of incredible products in the NEAR Ecosystem. Check out the preliminary roadmap here.

Minerall Guild

Custom development support is a rapidly emerging need (and sometimes pain point) in the NEAR Ecosystem. Projects, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Founders need a reliable home for specific development needs. Minerall Guild offers just that: Individually negotiated project development support for dApps, DeFi products and Integrations, NFT Marketplaces, and NEAR Integrated Wallets in Rust, Typescript, Javascript, Solidity, Node.js, and Golang! Custom development needs start here- check out their website.

LATAM Guild- NEAR Hispano

Latin and South America are one of the fastest growing market segments for crypto-industry products and services. LATAM exists to expedite this development by going directly to students, universities, business professionals, and Latin American crypto enthusiasts! Already with members across multiple countries, NEAR LATAM is ready to explode. Their website can be found here.


Memes are a fundamental part of crypto, and SWINE Guild is here to provide memes to the NEAR Ecosystem. Run by crypto-veterans familiar with the shill-circuit and degenerate tactics, SWINE Guild will run contests, fund memes, and provide custom packages for projects in need of crypto-native meme support! Check out their website.

Interested in Joining the Guilded Age? Remember, Win and Help Win.

The Guilded Age is only just getting started. As the crypto-verse develops, a world of innovation awaits development across DeFi, NFTs, Social Tokens, DAOs and base-layer infrastructure. Guilds are necessary vehicles for accelerating this development — and as such — are here to stay in the NEAR Ecosystem.

“Win and Help Win means that everyone joining the Guilds program is ready to help grow the ecosystem as one community. Guild success from this perspective is built around Ecosystem success and collaboration.”

Beyond these seven core guilds launching it is important to remember there are a host of other guilds also active in the NEAR Ecosystem:

China Guild: As home to the largest community of NEAR Supporters, China Guild is the mother-ship of dozens of Chinese based communities intent on promoting and growing the NEAR Ecosystem. From discussions about products, to demos, to in person events and contests, China Guild remains open for Chinese crypto enthusiasts to jump into the NEAR Ecosystem! (Steps to join the WeChat)

Vietnam Guild: The NEAR Vietnam community is quickly becoming one of the most active and engaged communities in the NEAR Ecosystem. Since the beginning, NEAR Vietnam has been a fundamental support for the growth of NEAR and has held multiple in person events and online contests, while providing informative information along the way. If you are in the Vietnam region, definitely get in touch with Vietnam Guild! (Telegram Group)

4NTS Guild: 4NTS was the first guild in the NEAR Ecosystem. As one of the earliest ecosystem partners, 4NTS provides content, outreach, engagement, and management to the development of the NEAR ecosystem at large. (Check out our Twitter)

Cypherpunk Guild: For privacy advocates around the world interested in safeguarding the future of privacy, the Cypherpunk Guild was formed and funded with $100k NEAR to invest in decentralized privacy solutions. Counciled by second-generation Cypherpunks such as Arto Bendiken, Frank Braun, and Jon Matonis (Chief Economist of Cypherpunk Holdings), among others, the Cypherpunk Guild exists to steward the future of privacy applications for the emerging Open Web. (Check out their Twitter)

Createbase: Createbase is the home for NEAR creators interested in launching a new creator economy in the Open Web. For artists, musicians, film makers, designers, and creatives of all sorts, the Createbase Telegram is your home for getting acquainted and familiarized with the Open Web and the future of artistic ownership.

Ready to Launch Your Own Guild on NEAR?

Get your Guild started in the Open Web Sandbox

If you are interested in launching your own Guild on NEAR, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Guilds are Ecosystem funded, and paid solely in $NEAR Token.
  • Guilds are built around offering a certain core service or suite of services that can evolve and grow over time.
  • Guilds are long-term development vehicles that intend to build out the NEAR Ecosystem for years to come.
  • Guild leaders must be entrepreneurial, adaptive, flexible, and highly skilled.
  • A familiarity with the NEAR Ecosystem and Crypto more generally is key.

For prospective Guild Leaders, feel free to get started in the Open Web Sandbox, where you can work to put together a roadmap, vision, and structure for your own guild before launching in the NEAR Ecosystem! If you are up for the challenge of launching your own Guild, feel free to reach out to @Ozymandius1 on Telegram for more information on getting started, or check out the existing video on the NEAR Guilds Website.



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