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Where the Physical Meets the Virtual: Mintbase & NEAR Partner with the Wilde Möhre Festival

The next evolution of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is here and ready to drive the creator economy to the next level. Mintbase just launched on the NEAR mainnet and showcases purposeful NFTs together with Wilde Möhre, a German festival. Together, they created Wildeverse that opens up a whole world of new opportunities, because NFTs are multi purpose assets that can be used to share revenues, unlock features or redeem NFTs.

With affordable tokenization of NFTs on a climate-neutral blockchain NEAR Protocol, creators can now experience purposeful NFTs. “At Mintbase, we believe that the purpose of NFTs derives from collaboration and utility,” says Mintbase’s founder Nate Geier. Mintbase has partnered with the Wilde Möhre festival to show what NFTs make possible and how they could benefit festivals in the future.

Where the Physical Meets the Virtual

The Wilde Möhre is an annual festival that takes place in Göritz, Germany. While it’s primarily a music festival, the emphasis lies on the experience. There are no huge stages, everything is handmade, and the idea is to lose track of time as you explore the creative spaces that the festival is made of.

One of this year’s spaces is called Wildeverse, which focuses on NFTs and how they can enhance the physical festival experience. It’s where the physical merges with the virtual. Wildeverse exists both as a building in the festival and as a virtual counterpart world in Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space (that you can visit already — click the links). Festival guests in the Wildeverse building will be able to communicate with the virtual Wildeverse visitors, and vice versa.

Walk through the tongue to visit Wildeverse in Somnium Space

But Wildeverse offers much more than communication between the physical and virtual worlds. It’s a place where you can learn about NFTs and how they can unleash your creativity. Wilde Möhre has an NFT store on the Mintbase platform that allows both the festival guests and virtual visitors of Wildeverse to mint whatever type of NFT they can think of.

Are you an artist? Mint an NFT to see your art displayed in the Wildeverse worlds and share the revenues with your friends. Are you a DJ? Mint an NFT that gives someone permission to remix one of your tracks. Are you a yoga teacher? Mint an NFT that serves as a voucher for a yoga session at Wilde Möhre. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

“Blockchain is about empowerment. Wilde Möhre sets up an experience for its visitors to engage with something that enables artists, creators, and experimenters to interact directly with other people.” — Alexander Dettke

Special parties and live sets will be hosted in Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space throughout June. No sign up is needed and everyone is welcome to attend by clicking the links below.

8th of June, 8PM CET — Cryptovoxels
15th of June 8PM CET — Somnium Space
22th of June 8PM CET— Cryptovoxels
29th of June 8PM CET — Somnium Space

Wildeverse Gallery in Cryptovoxels

NFTs with Purpose

Because Mintbase runs on the NEAR blockchain, everyone visiting Wildeverse will receive a NEAR wallet with some NEAR tokens that they can use to create or buy NFTs of their favorite artists.

These NFTs are using the NEP-171 standard and are purposeful, because Mintbase allows anyone to split both the revenue and royalties of an NFT. All you need to do is define who gets what percentage. The smart contract takes care of the rest once you’ve minted the NFT. This makes it much easier and equitable to handle the money flow of anything made collaboratively, whether that’s a painting, a song, a blog post, etc.

All this can be done cheaply, easily, and, because the NEAR blockchain is climate-neutral, without harming the planet we live on. It’s hard to predict exactly how the guests of Wildeverse will use this technology. But Wilde Möhre, NEAR and Mintbase are giving them the tools to create and the place to create in. Now that the technological infrastructure is in place, we hope to see the ecosystem bloom.

Are you curious about Wildeverse, but unable to attend the Wilde Möhre festival? Visit Wildeverse in Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space instead! Look at NFT art, hang out with other virtual visitors and festival guests, watch Wilde Möhre livestreams, and much more. If you want to exhibit your art in the gallery, please book a NFT onboarding session here.

Hang out at the Wildeverse bar with other virtual visitors




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