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YouMinter Mainnet Release — Just Look Inside

The Genesis sale was a great success, thanks to your support and belief in our pioneering Web3 social app that aims to disrupt the industry in 2023. All the lucky giveaway winners, plus users who bought the CameraBox from secondary marketplaces, will finally get their promised early access to the YouMinter app. Even better, they’ll now transform their old, non-NFT posts into NFTs.

But the fun and YouMinter NFT experience doesn’t end there. We have a series of events following the Mainnet launch to help us achieve our vision of onboarding millions of users. Here is everything you need to know and anticipate.

Mainnet Release: What it Means for YouMinter

The long-awaited Mainnet event is finally here, ushering in a new year for YouMinter users and the greater NFT community as a whole. Several months of hard work and getting bogged down by Apple’s restriction have finally paid off. We can’t wait to see users immersing themselves in the full YouMinter NFT experience, especially after opening the CameraBox. It’s now time to find out whether you have a Сommon or Uncommon NFT Camera and start exploring how it sets your experience apart within the app.

Why You Should Start Your NFT Journey on YouMinter

YouMinter is leading the pack of platforms hoping into the Web3 social app space by breaking the barriers to entry for Web 2.0 users. Here are the benefits of starting your NFT journey on YouMinter:

Mobile one-stop for NFT creation and selling: The YouMinter app allows you to unlock all NFT functions and experiences under one app from the comfort of your mobile phone — sharing, minting, flipping, and much more.

Effortless onboarding and usage: You can get started with YouMinter in three easy steps — download, sign up, and create, regardless of your technical background. You only need the passion to start minting NFTs!

Available on iOS and Android: All Android and iOS platform users can download the app and plug into the NFT experience from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Integrated NEAR wallet: We create the NEAR wallet for you as you get started with YouMinter at the sign-up stage, saving you the hassle of going through the learning curve.

In-app community building: Make unique posts and attract other users to your timeline. If they like, share, and comment often, they will eventually follow you, enabling your profile to build an organic Web3 community.

Easy NFT Minting: The process of minting and creating NFTs in the app is simple and akin to making posts on your traditional social media platform. Just be unique and creative, and your minted NFTs will attract fans.

Feed & NFT history: You can discover new NFT collections in the feed area and leverage the NFT history tool to understand how the piece came into existence, its previous owners, as well as acquisition prices.

Multiple reward opportunities: The YouMinter app will be having various incentive programs to make the NFT experience worthwhile for you, including the Reward System based on Ownership Economy principles, staking, and referral programs.

Getting started with the YouMinter app also gives you the opportunity to finally look into your CameraBox and see which good tidings it brings. It can be a Сommon or Uncommon Camera — but either way, its rarity is unchallenged, and its value will keep growing.

YouMinter Mission and Future Huge Plans

YouMinter is on a mission to onboard the next millions of users into the NFT world from the comfort of their mobile phones. Unlike dubious NFT markets, you don’t need to buy your entry into YouMinter. In other words, we are breaking the barriers that hinder Web 2.0 users from exploring Web3. Our goal is to create a uniform experience with similar opportunities for everyone, and that’s why we hosted the Genesis Sale post this official launch on Mainnet.

In the course of Phase 1, we shall upgrade the platform with the reward’s system for user grading facilitate seamless flipping of NFTs among users. At the same time, the YouMinter team shall release more NFT collections for fans and collectors before rolling out the Global Ambassador program.

Phase 2 will be the time to upgrade your NFT Cameras for rarer experiences, as various attributes, such as lenses and filters, will be available in secondary marketplaces. Users who refer their friends and family to YouMinter shall also have something to smile for as the referral program gets deployed to Mainnet in the course of Phase 2.

The last by not least, Phase 4 is devoted to take the YouMinter in-app experience to the Metaverse with Augmented Reality (AR) integration.

About YouMinter

YouMinter is a Web3 social network in an easy-to-use iOS and Android app with an NFT feed, followers, and likes that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and is owned by its users. By taking advantage of YouMinter, users can build their communities, follow bloggers and artists, and communicate with all of them in one single place and with the power of NFTs. Moreover, the more your community grows, the more project’s share you get. We call it Ownership Economy.

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