Tools of the trade 2017

A developer’s tool stack is something usually very personal (spaces for indent always), but I decided to share this so that I could keep a personal record of how this changes over time.

Many buttons, many options.

Let’s start with the hardware:

  • Macbook Pro 2017 (13“)
  • 27" 4K Monitor (LG)
  • Mouse Logitech MX Master

I mainly develop with PHP so that of course influences my current development stack on the software side:

  • IDE: PHPStorm | Visual Studio Code | occasional use of Vim.
  • For command line: iTerm2 with Oh My Zsh ( MacOSX built in Terminal defaults are horrible and decided to pick something that would look better overall.
  • Homebrew to manage packages on MacOSX.
  • Environment based on Docker containers.
  • Spectacle App for managing windows. MacOSX is pretty horrible in this regard.
  • Browser: Google Chrome. Safari is used to house the Slack web app. Desktop Slack is horrible (for memory consumption).
  • For DB management I use two different applications. MySQL Workbench for production environments and Sequel Pro for dev/local.

That’s the basics. There are a few more apps that are mostly there for experimentation.