Kate K
Kate K
Sep 10 · 3 min read

There is a handful of different companies with dozens of strategies if you want to increase the number of visits to your website or maximize online sales, but how many techniques have been shared to turn digital traffic into foot traffic?

We’re sharing our top 5 simple edits (with one bonus tip!) to your Google Business Listing which will attract more people off the street and into your shop!

1. Use your Google Business Listing as your storefront 🛍

Good news! If you’re here you’re already one step ahead.

NearSt helps customers find your store instead of an online web shop. Our technology automatically prepares the products on your shelves to go on the web and feeds them directly into Google, so shoppers looking for your business or products you stock find your store.

2. Open for business 👋🏼

Think of the majority of the population on any given day of the week, a ton of us are at work during the same hours that the shops we need are open.

If you want to attract more footfall, a simple solution for most retailers would be to switch or extend your opening hours past the normal 9–5 window.

A good way to judge if you need to switch up your hours is by checking on your closest competitors. If there are 3 shops near my office which stock the product I need — the one getting my business will be the one that is open past 6 pm.

3. Respond to your Q&A’s ASAP 🙋🏽‍♂️

Turn a question into a sale! A lot of people are ready to walk into your door and purchase but just need a response to their question.

The simplest way to do this is to get notifications of new questions through your Google Maps App (soon to be coming to GMB!) The faster you reply to inquiries, the better the chance of winning over a new customer.

4. Share your event calendar 📅

Are you the type of shop that hosts events regularly? Add these straight into your Google Business Listing for free advertising and fill your guest list for any upcoming events.

5. Make your storefront ‘insta’ good 🤳🏼

Not only will an amazing window display or mural make people on the street stop in their tracks, adding it as your profile photo in your Google Business Listing will catch the attention of online browsers as well. Convert the Instagram generation that loves a good selfie into customers who love your… shelfies.

Jokes aside, there’s something incredibly special about local businesses integrating culture, art and community into their shop to create an authentic experience for their customers and even just the general public.

Bonus Tip! ❤️

Post your proximity to major attractions.

It just makes sense that the people who are new to your area are the ones exploring. Afterwards, they could very well need something you have in stock. A well positioned Google post can lead them straight to you.

Read Google’s guide on how to post as a local business.

What more would you like to see?

Did you notice something we missed? Want deeper or different insights into how your shop is performing online? Just open the chat window from your MyShop page or get in touch with us on hello@near.st — Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter!


Getting people back into high street shops

Kate K

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Kate K

I do the things at NearSt. Organising, reality tv and mountains bring me great joy.



Getting people back into high street shops

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